Casetify iPhone 5s Case

Casetify has recently undergone a name change – it used to be Casetagram, which was an app where you could make an iphone cover using a picture from your Instagram account. Now you can use Facebook or Instagram photographs to create your very own picture case.


You can use collage templates or simply have just the one photograph and you can choose different bases, including a new wooden one which I love the look of! You simply click on the Make tab, choose your phone, mine is the iPhone 5s. You can then choose the base case you prefer, I went for the Bezel Bold in Tiffany Blue – I shall tell you the reasoning for this shortly. You then choose your template, I went for a single photograph, but there are some fab collage templates including love hearts and bubbles. After this step you then upload your pictures and it adjusts it all for you – then all you have to do is pay and wait for you case to arrive. Simple!


My boyfriend James and I don’t really have that many pictures together, I hate pictures at the moment because of my braces and James just generally doesn’t like having his picture taken. When on holiday in Egypt we got a few photographs of us together and so I chose one of these to add to my case. As it was a holiday picture, that was the reason why I decided to go for the Tiffany Blue case, as it is quite tropical and looks like a gorgeous ocean blue.


The case arrives from America and didn’t take long at all, as well as shipping being free, the total for the case was $39.95 which today works out at £23.51 which I don’t think is a bad price at all to have something so personalised, and the quality and sturdiness of the case is really impressive too.


Check them out and let me know which design you would choose at



Kathryn xx


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