Yardley Uplifting Daisy Collection

Now first up, I must admit that I chose these based on the fact they were all about the daisy! I love daisies, the flowers, and the name Daisy, my little cat is called Daisy and I’m pretty sure that if she could talk she would say how fabulous her name is.


Yardley is a brand that has been around as long as I can remember, my Mum used to use their moisturising lotion. I believe that if a brand has been around a while, then you know its good enough to last the ever-changing beauty world.

 hand cream

The Uplifting Daisy scent is a really pretty modern floral scent, a really fresh fragrance, that bursts with fresh green leaves and apple, with a floral heart of hyacinth and white rose blended with base notes of warm sandalwood and musk, therefore it is not too pinch-your-nose floral, but a warmer floral scent.

body cream

Both the Hydrating & Enriching Body Lotion and the Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream contain Q10, Vitamin E, shea butter and sweet almond oil which are all fabulous ingredients for the skin. The texture of both products is luxuriously thick and smooth but melts into the skin instantly, with no greasy residue.


The Yardley Uplifting Daisy range is available from www.yardleylondon.co.uk where you can purchase the Hydrating & Enriching Body Lotion for £3.99 and the Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream for just £2.99. Other fragrances in this stunning range include Energising Peony and Invigorating Blue Orchid.



Kathryn xxx


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