Here’s Debbie’s thoughts on Lipcote.


I remember seeing this when I was younger and thinking what a great idea it would be to be able to snog the face of boys all night and then still look gorgeous when the lights came on!


Well, my snogging days are long gone but I am still in search of the elusive Holy Grail – lipstick that lasts longer than Carly Rae Jepson’s fame.


The packaging is simple – almost vintage looking – but that, to my mind makes it more attractive.


It is a small bottle but I don’t suppose you would need to use very much and it has a brush the same as a nail varnish.


I tried it on a day I really needed my lipstick to stay put all day. I brushed it on and the first thing that hit me was the taste. I expected it to taste minty and pleasant but it really doesn’t, it tastes – well, like you would expect nail varnish to taste! It felt very alien because of this and felt as though I had put something onto my lips that shouldn’t have been there.


It felt very wet and I wondered how on earth it was going to seal my lips if it didn’t dry quickly – I would say it took a good 2 minutes for my lips to feel tacky to the touch.


I set off on my journey hoping that my lipstick was going to last as I wasn’t going to be in a position to retouch for a few hours. My lips felt coated and uncomfortable then got drier and drier.


In the end I had to pull my car over as I felt like I had a face pack on my lips that had “cracked”. It was a horrible feeling and I had to take all of it off with a tissue and reapply my lipstick without the sealant.


I would not use this product again. I’m sorry but it gets the Kat’s Claws from me.


Debbie xx




One thought on “Lipcote

  1. we’re sorry to hear this Debbie!Sometimes it can feel drying due to alcohol content,so we advise to moisurise well before use. Blot between layers of lipstick and apply a thin layer whilst keeping lips apart to avoid tackyness and tasting Lipcote. We hope that helps xx

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