Homedics Elle Macpherson Footspa

My boyfriend James and I (however much he will kill me when he sees this) love spending time having a pamper, whether it be face masks or pedicures – without the nail polish for James! We were recently looking for a footspa as we had been using a plastic bowl and came across the Homedics Elle Macpherson Footspa.


This gorgeous footspa helps aid relaxation after a busy and stressful day, it helps to soothe and relax muscles at the key reflexology points and has the additional benefits of a pedicure.


Key features include;

* Three-in-one micro-circulation boost

* Hydro massage

* Vibration massage

* Magnetic stimulation

* Two interchangeable pedicure attachments

* Four integrated massage rollers

* Angled base for a more comfortable massage

* Easy pour water function (James didn’t figure this out until I pointed it out – oops!)

* Acu-pressure nodes


This weekend had been pretty busy for both of us and so we decided Sunday would be our pamper day. Out came the face masks, foot products and this fabulous footspa. We added some foot soak, which in hindsight we didn’t really need as the footspa produces lots and lots of bubbles by itself. The pumice stones included are one coarse stone for exfoliation and removing dead skin and a smooth stone for polishing the skin. James has size 11-12 feet and he had plenty of room in the footspa so there is definitely no worries with regards to the size of the spa.

 full up

We both had a go using the footspa and found it very relaxing and enjoyable and this is definitely something we will be using on a daily basis. It is easy to fill as well as easy to empty due to the easy pour function at the top of the footspa. Mmmm heaven!


You can purchase the Homedics Elle Macpherson Footspa direct from www.homedics.co.uk for £49.99.



Kathryn xx


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