Bulldog Skincare For Men

Here is another post from Debbie, with a little help from her son Ciaran and husband Paul.


Our Story

Bulldog was created for men who wanted straightforward skincare products packed with natural ingredients.

Purpose Built For Men

Men’s skin is different from women’s. Bulldog has been designed by men for men to get the job done hassle free.

Animal Friendly

All our products are certified Cruelty Free and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


These are three of the claims made by Bulldog about their range of skincare for men. Given that I am the only female in our family (even our dog is a boy) I enlisted the help of my husband and teenage son.


My husband is about as far from metrosexual as you can get so he took some convincing to use the products but I think the no-nonsense “manly” packaging appeals to someone like him – the nearest he ever gets to skincare is when he puts Swarfega on his hands!


My teenage son is a bit more accepting of male grooming but I had concerns as he is prone to breakouts because of his age and I didn’t want them getting worse, so the fact that Bulldog use all-natural ingredients was important to me. It is important to my son that any products aren’t tested on animals so all of our boxes were ticked.


They have been using the products for around one month now.


My husband uses the moisturiser and although he says he hasn’t noticed any difference in his skin he continues to use it. He also remarked that he likes the fact it doesn’t smell “girly”.


My son has used the scrub and facial wash and I have to say that I think his skin has improved. He thinks it’s “fine” which, believe me, from him is a ringing endorsment.


I think the fact that they both tried the product and carried on using it speaks volumes. The company have got the right idea with the packaging and the branding – even a “man’s man” can use this without fear of ridicule in the changing room and for that, I – as a mum and wife – am thankful! I couldn’t get either of them to try the body moisturiser though – that was just a step too far…..

Debbie xx




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