MeMeBox ColorBox #1 Red


This monthly box is a newbie to me, although I have seen it on quite a few different beauty blogs recently. My love for subscription boxes forced me to try out this international beauty box. There are an absolute tonne of different themed boxes, and I received the ColorBox #1 Red. Now I am a Red in the fact that I support Manchester United, but I don’t tend to own a lot of red make-up and so this was a mini adventure for me. Let’s see what’s inside…

 open box

Dearberry Flirt Lipstick 08 Red Parade ($12)

This is a full sized product and is a bright red lipstick which is made from naturally derived ingredients, including olive oil, cocoa butter and cupuacu seed butter. This buttery smooth lipstick slides onto the lips perfectly and lasted me a good few hours.


Dearberry Today Nail Lacquer #21 Pink Sprinkling ($3)

Another full sized product, although I am unsure why it is called Pink Sprinkling as it is most definitely pillar-box red. A handy-sized classic red nail polish that needs just one coat to produce super red vividness.


L’OCEAN Eye Shadow L-35 Red ($10)

This eyeshadow compact is velvety smooth, long-lasting and extremely vivid in colour. A little too vivid for me, but I think this shade would look beautiful on darker skin. The quality of the product is fab though and I would definitely be happy getting it in another shade in a future box.


Tosowoong Gel Pencil Liner 04 Burgundy ($10)

This is a beautiful dark burgundy gel eyeliner pencil, will glides on super smooth and easily. I tried this on my hand, in a love heart shape to show you the colour, and I tried rubbing it off afterwards but couldn’t. Therefore I am stuck with a loveheart on my hand all day, but at least it shows just how good the staying-power of the product is.



Cheek Room Two Color Lip Gloss #6 Red ($12)

The fifth and final full-sized product from my ColorBox is this amazing lipgloss. It is highly enriched with grape seed oil to moisturise chapped lips as well as giving a glossy sheen to your lips. This special lipgloss actually consists of two different colour glosses – a red and a coral, and so each application can alter slightly, which I find a really fun idea.


The MeMeBox costs just $15 plus shipping at but be quick cos they sell out super fast! I cannot wait to try some of the other themed boxes, I have my eye on quite a few.


Kathryn xxx


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