Kevin.Murphy Haircare

The Kevin.Murphy line of haircare first caught my eye because of their unusual bottle design. Each bottle is a neat rectangle with the lid on the bottom left side, not your average bottle of shampoo. I love trying higher-end haircare products and so I chose the range for fine coloured hair like mine. The range for this kind of hair is the Angel range – pretty name, pretty bottle, pretty coloured bottles.


Angel Wash (shampoo) and Angel Rinse (conditioner) are as mentioned, specifically for the fine-haired, whether you colour it or keep it natural. This range is also good for people with fragile or damaged hair due to chemical processes, e.g. you blondes out there.


The Angel Wash is a gentle volumising cleanser and helps with colour retention. Milk proteins in the formula helps calm frizzy hair that has suffered from long-term exposure to chemical processes. The colour of the Wash actually matches the bottle too, it is a pretty mauve pink.


The Angel Rinse is a light-weight, volumising conditioner which adds moisture to dry, tired ends, as well as helping to repair fragile hair. It feels really smooth when you apply it and I recommend massaging the product well.


Not part of the Angel range, but never-the-less no less hair-repairing is the Born Again Essential Treatment. Now this is such a unique product that contains ingredients which are so small in their molecular size and weight, they can pass into the cortex of the hair instantly. Now this product is strictly for hair that is extremely damaged or dehydrated to really give it that mega boost and treatment. You can use this product in the shower if you are in a rush or enjoy it in a relaxed bath whilst you are having a bit of a pamper session as you can leave it on for 2 to 20 minutes.

My hair tends to tangle a lot after washing but I noticed after using the Angel range, my hair didn’t have one single knot in it, so brushing was much more pleasant! I have used so many volumising haircare products, but this range added volume to my hair without making it feel heavy with product. I have also noticed that my ends are much softer and not as dry. I genuinely did feel a difference with this haircare range and my hair feels a lot less limp and miserable. Making me a happy girly.

You can purchase all of the Kevin.Murphy range at where the Angel Wash costs £16.95, the Angel Rinse costs £18 and the Born Again treatment costs £27. These products may be a little higher in cost than a lot of the high street branded haircare, but that’s because they have ingredients in them that genuinely work.


Kathryn xxx


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