Nail clippers are a hot commodity in my house – they are both frequently needed and frequently lost. I normally purchase the cheapest ones I can find, but these often don’t do the job on toenails and end up shattering the nail.


I introduce to you, the CLYPPI Stainless Steel Toenail Clipper. Yes, I know, most people hate feet, looking at feet, talking about feet, but don’t worry there are definitely NO foot pictures in this blog post. I promise. The CLYPPI is really easy to hold on to, it is made of stainless steel with a brushed steel finish and so it is not slippery like a lot of the cheaper nail clippers can be. It also has a flared end on the lever that provides a better grip and so is perfect for people with arthritis or joint pain who need a little more support.


There is also a nail file built into the lever that has a much finer grain than that of other nail files you find on clippers. When using the clippers, it leaves the nail edge really clean and doesn’t leave chips or jagged edges, which is something I have been suffering from for a while now with my cheaper nail clippers.


Now here is the best thing about buying a CLYPPI – it has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! No questions asked – now you can’t say fairer than that! You can order your very own CLYPPI from where they cost £12.47 and come with free delivery. Yes, that is quite a lot of money for a pair of nail clippers, but these beauties will last you forever, and if they don’t then you can simply get your money back!


Kathryn xxx


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