Vita Liberata NKD Skin Tanning Mousse

Seen as I was a little ill during my holiday in Egypt, I never really got much of a tan, and I am naturally quite pale as it is and so when summer rolls around and it is time to wear pretty dresses, I like to bring out the fake tan.

I have tried so many different brands, some smell worse than a garbage bin, others react badly to my quite-sensitive skin and then there the ones that make me look like an Oompa-Lumpa.


I decided to try out the Vita Liberata Medium Mousse which is part of their new NKD Skin collection. As mentioned, I have quite pale skin and so I prefer to go for a natural glow. Thursday evening I took my bath and ensured that I exfoliated my skin, dried myself and then used my Vita Liberata tanning glove to apply the tan. I love using the tanning gloves as they keep the tan from staining your hands, which often results in orange palms!


The mousse was really easy to apply and didn’t run down my legs when I was applying the formula. Once applied, I let the tan dry for five minutes and then got dressed.



In the morning, I showered the remnants of the tan off, and I was really pleased with the results. I had a flawless looking tan, with no orange tinge, no horrible smell and no build-up colour marks. Everyone commented how well I looked when I arrived at work that morning, which instantly made me feel really good about myself. I have recently put quite a bit of weight on and so my confidence hasn’t been too great, but having a golden glow made me feel much better.



It is now Monday and my tan still looks fabulous and a little really does go a long way and should definitely provide you with many tan applications.

You can check out Vita Liberata at where the NKD Skin Mousse is just £10.10, which is cheaper than most high-end tanning brands.


Kathryn xxx



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