Baker Days Letterbox Cake

Now, what I am about to share with you may just be one of the cutest ideas I have seen in a very long time. I recently got a Bakers Day cake sent through the post. What is a Baker Days cake you may ask? It is a cake that comes through your letterbox – sound messy? Well, it isn’t…


My cake arrived in a white cardboard box that fit fine through my letterbox. Inside was a gorgeous tin saying Just For You on the front in a really pretty design. There was also a little card and a bag containing candles, balloons and even a party blower!

 tin close up

Inside the tin was a 5inch cake, with the most beautiful multi-coloured loveheart pattern and a pretty pink message saying “To my Wonderful Girlfriend! You are truly fantastic! xxx” HOW CUTE!!!!!!! My boyfriend James and I cut into the cake and inside was a moist chocolate sponge. The cake tasted absolutely delicious and so fresh! No way would I have thought it had come through the post if I hadn’t have known. The tin contains a Stay Fresh sachet too and if you keep the cake stored in a cool dry place you can enjoy it for up to 14 days – not that I managed to make mine last that long, it was soon in our tummies.

 cake maincake side

I checked out Baker Days website and there are so many stunning designs and patterns, as well as the option of including your own photograph or message on the cake. The cakes come in a variety of sizes and so are perfect for parties too, as well as coming with a choice of 6 recipes, including chocolate, vanilla, gluten & wheat free, fruit, dairy free, and half chocolate half vanilla. Baker Days really does cater for everyone and you can also add party banners, helium balloons and more to your order.

 cake cut

Prices start at £14.99 for the letterbox cake, which is a perfect gift price point. These cakes are fabulous for any occasion, or simply just to let someone know you are thinking of them.

For more information check out

Who would you send a cake to?


Kathryn xxx


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