W7 Cosmetics

I recently tried out an amazing W7 lipgloss which I was so impressed with I couldn’t wait to discover more of the W7 cosmetics range, here are my favourites…

Make Up & Glow Bronzing Base £4.95


This is a gorgeous gel-based bronzer that adds a hint of sun-kissed colour to your skin. Perfect for those who do not want a full body fake tan applying. It also comes in a really cute tropical-themed box, which I couldn’t bring myself to throw away just yet. You can use this product with cosmetic sponges or simply with your own hands.

Full Colour Lipstick in Angry Annie £4.95


The Full Colour Lipstick is available in a range of 6 fabulous pink and red shades – some bright and some pretty. This lipstick goes on really smoothly, and the tube is easy to twist up too. I was really impressed with the longevity of this product and definitely want to try it in other shades.

Aye Aye Captain Very Black Liquid Eyeliner £4.95


This eyeliner, like it says, is super jet black, which I love! The texture of the liquid itself works really well upon application, as it isn’t thick and gloopy but neither is it thin and runny, and so it gives a foolproof result every time.

Perfect Eyes Eyeshadows in Hot Chocolate, Platinum and Silver Streak £3.95 each


The Perfect Eyes eyeshadows are available in around 20 shades, and each and every single one comes in its very own little compact, which to me look a lot like the MAC eyeshadow compacts, they are of such a high standard. The eyeshadows themselves are really easy to use, and are highly pigmented which makes the shimmer of each one really pretty without being glitzy. These three colours are perfect for all skin tones and eye colours.

Loads Of Lashes £4.95


Now I honestly could not believe the price of this product – less than a fiver! I have used Magnifibres constantly since I discovered them last year but they cost 4 times the amount of this version. For those of you who haven’t yet been introduced to this kind of product, they are pieces of fibre that you apply to your lashes after one coat of mascara, followed by a second coat of mascara – and you are left with longer, thicker lashes.

Prime Magic £6.95


I love primers, as I have really uneven skin, and so after applying a primer, my foundation goes on much smoother. This formula is fantastic for correcting pigmentation and dissolving the look of enlarged pores. This primer is also available in other shades for those of you who suffer with sensitised, red skin.

Honey Queen Bronzer £4.95


This bronzing box is fantastic for carrying around as it has a brush included inside. It is made into a honeycomb pattern (hence the name) and consists of built-in shimmering pigments of different coloured hexagons. This bronzer is really good for all skin tones as it can be buildable – therefore you can add as much or as little as you like.

Purple Haze Eyeshadow Palette £5.95


This cute compact contains 4 eyeshadows all in hues of purples, ranging from light to dark. Just like the single pots, these eyeshadows glide on really easily and the shimmer from them is really pretty. These shades look stunning for girls with blue eyes.

Glamorous Lipgloss in Shade 01 £3.95


This is one in a collection of 6 fabulously shimmering lipglosses all in shades of reds, corals and peaches. The tube is clear with a black lid, and unscrews really easily, with a foam applicator which I found glided on really well. Unlike a lot of lipglosses I have tried, the colour of this one lasted really well on my lips.

Just Brows £2.99


This little product is a waterproof eyebrow pen, which comes in black and brown – I went for brown which matches my brows quite well. The pen is such a good size as it is not too chunky to hold, which means I don’t get in a pickle when applying. You can use the thinner or thicker side of the actual nib, and so it is suitable for all of you eyebrow owners out there.

Light Diffusing Concealer £4.95


This concealer is without doubt similar to another very famous concealer, but that concealer is again 4 times the price of this one! I have used both and I must say that I really could not tell the difference! It is easy to add more product, you simply click the base of the pen and it squeezes out through the brush end. A must buy!

London Eyes Palette £6.95

 london closed

In this amazzzzing palette you get 24 individual eyeshadows – now I am just going to grab my calculator so that I can let you know that that equals just 28p an eyeshadow. Bit of a bargain right? And as with all of the other W7 eyeshadows I have tried, they are no lesser quality either. There is such a wide variety here and the palette is a great compact size for travelling or taking in your handbag for those of you who have a social life after work (not me I’m busy blogging haha!).

 london open

You can check out the full W7 cosmetics range at www.w7cosmetics.co.uk


Kathryn xxx


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