Dermalogica Skincare

Ultracalming Cleanser (£26.90 for 250ml)

cleanser box

I have used Dermalogica skincare before and used it religiously but then I started getting a little lazy with my skincare routine, right about the time face wipes became available. As my skin is not at its best at the moment, I decided to go back to using Dermalogica. As my skin is sensitive, it is recommended that the cleanser I use is the Ultracalming Cleanser. This is a gentle cleansing gel/cream for reactive skin, it helps calm and cool the redness and heat which is associated with reactive, sensitised or overprocessed skin. The consistency of the cleanser is a thick, slightly transparent white creamy gel that is easily applied to the skin. It has no obvious fragrance which I like as I know it isn’t going to sting my face. I apply the cleanser after dampening my face and neck area, just creating small circles with my fingers, putting a little more pressure on areas such as the corners of my nose where dirt can linger. I remove the cleanser with water and it comes away easily.

 cleanser open

I am really happy with the performance of this cleanser, it has an instant cooling effect on the skin and does a fab job of removing any traces of makeup. As it is a calming skincare product, it didn’t cause my skin to turn red or feel tight, and didn’t dry my skin out in the slightest. In just a couple of weeks, I can feel that my skin has already improved and with most skincare products you often don’t see a result for upto 6 weeks as this is when the skin renews itself.


Super Rich Repair Moisturiser (£62.20 for 50ml)

super bozx

The moisturiser I chose was the Super Rich Repair moisturiser as my skin was in need of a good drink and was quite sun-damaged after my holiday in Egypt. Super Rich Repair is Dermalogica’s most hydrating moisturiser, perfect for people that endure really dried-out skin conditions. It is highly concentrated to ensure that you can feel the way it minimises your dried-out skin as well as assisting to calm any sensitivity on the skin. It puts a barrier on the surface of the epidermis and due to it’s heavy consistency, it nourishes the skin with hydration, as well as helping the skin defend itself against environmental damage such as pollution.

 super open

I simply smoothe this on to my face and neck after cleansing and toning, and a little goes a long way due to the luxurious consistency of the moisturiser. My skin instantly feels hydrated and just like with the cleanser, I have noticed a difference already – my make-up goes on a lot smoother than usual and I don’t suffer from that tight feeling that I was feeling before I started to use the Dermalogica products.

I shall definitely not be reverting back to face wipes again – with results in just two weeks, I am excited to see how fabulous my skin is in another month!

You can browse the full Dermalogica range at


Kathryn xxx






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