Lush Bathing Products

There isn’t often a time where I pass a Lush shop without going in and purchasing something, in the very least the latest bath bomb. Last night I had a very luxurious Lush bathtime using some fabulous products I just had to tell you all about.

Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb (£3.25)

granny wrapped

This is a multi-coloured, psychedelic extraordinaire! It contains ginger, pepper and lemon oils which are renowned for boosting your mood and giving warmth and comfort to the body.

granny open

I dropped the bath bomb into my hot running water and boom! – a bath full of colourful explosions before my very eyes!

granny dropped

The bright colours looked amazing and once the bomb had dispersed fully, I was left with bright pink water, as well as quite a few bubbles, which is not something you often get with bath bombs.

bath after

The fragrance of the bath bomb was gorgeous, and as promised really warm and comforting and I must admit that I laid there for a good hour at least.

Mangnificent Soap (£4 per 100g)

mang wrapped

This is such a summer sweetie of a product! This soap is full of skin cleansing dried mango, Sicilian lemon oil, mandarin oil and serotonin increasing neroli oil and is suitable for hands and body.

soap unwrapped

It smells so tropical that it makes me want to be lying on a beach in the Bahamas sipping on a Mango smoothie. The soap produces a lather, but only a slight lather which I prefer as then I know it is much better and kinder to my skin.

 soap hand

Rehab Shampoo (£5.40 for 100g)

This is a restorative shampoo packed full of ingredients that benefit the hair and scalp. I don’t always like to use both shampoo and conditioner as it makes my hair a little lacklustre, therefore sometimes I just like to use shampoo.


Fresh papaya, pineapple, kiwi and mango are pressed together and blended with strengthening, organic, extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oils. A pinch of seaweed and sea salt is also added to help add shine to the hair. Lastly, peppermint and juniper are added to improve the scalp’s condition and stimulate blood flow. Whilst using this shampoo I felt really relaxed and the fragrance was very revitalising, and after drying my hair, It felt soft, smoothe and shiny.

I know that there are many many Lush fans out there, much like myself, and to keep up-to-date on new products, be sure to check out


Kathryn xxx


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