Klorane Haircare

My hair has been in a dried-out state lately, often resembling a bird’s nest – not a good look! Therefore I wanted to try haircare that contained natural ingredients. I came across Klorane…

KLORANE Laboratories, a pioneering and committed brand, observes a strict code of conduct based on respect for:

  • Pharmaceutical ethics, applying extreme levels of rigour in all stages of product development
  • Botanical expertise, essential to a brand that only produces products formulated with plant extracts
  • Authenticity, one of the founding values of the brand and the fierce determination to protect our plant heritage

The shampoo I chose was the Almond Milk one, which has volume-enhancing properties and lipopeptides, which coat and restructure the hair to give it more volume. It also has an ultra-gentle, detangling emulsifying base with almond milk to leave the hair feeling soft and shiny. With my gentle hair I often suffer from static electricity, but the Almond Milk Shampoo helps to neutralise this. I jumped in the shower and poured a walnut-sized amount of shampoo into my palm, and worked it into my hair, the formula was luxuriously creamy but didn’t feel heavy or sticky on my hair.

klorane sc

I rinsed off and then added the conditioner, Oat Milk Conditioner. As it is formulated with oat milk, this conditioner is kind to the scalp and suitable for all hair types. It felt more like a balm than a conditioner, and I massaged it into my hair and left for a few minutes so that it could work its magic before I rinsed it off.

After drying my hair, I usually have a very static, rough end result, but after using this shampoo and conditioner, my hair felt silky soft, I had no tangles, which is something I also suffer from, and my split ends weren’t sticking out. I was that impressed that I didn’t even need to run the straighteners through to calm the split ends, which is helping my hair by using less heat on it.


I often use other dry shampoos, as my hair doesn’t like being washed everyday, and so I often use dry shampoo to refresh my hair. I tried out the Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. I sprayed a small amount over my hair and left for a couple of minutes, and then brushed through my hair to remove any traces of powder residue. With some dry shampoos I have tried before they often leave a powdery feel to my hair, but this one left nothing but softness. I have honestly been that impressed with the Klorane range that I have already ordered my second supply!


You can check out the full range of Klorane products, as well as the chance to find out which range is best for your particular hair type at www.klorane.co.uk

Happy Monday!

Kathryn xxx




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