BizzyBee Cleaning Products

This weekend I was staying at my boyfriend James’s house down in Lincolnshire and on a Sunday we like to have a bit of a cleaning sesh – very exciting I know – and I was particularly interested in cleaning the oven hob as it had looked a bit worse for wear for a few months now.

A while ago we had been sent some BizzyBee cleaning products which I thought would be perfect for this task.

Here is the before picture of the hob…


I peeled on the Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves, and grabbed one of the gorgeous glittery scourers – I have honestly never seen such a pretty scourer – and scrubbed as hard as I could. We used a basic stainless steel cleaner and sprayed it onto the hob and even just by using the scourer, dirt started to come off already.



 Included with the products were some rubber gloves that had scouring pads onto the palm and fingers of the gloves, which were great for getting into the tiny nooks and crannies of the hob. It took about 20 minutes but the scourers and spray had made such a difference already.

scour gloves

We then wiped the hobs with the sponge cloths which soaked up the excess spray so that it didn’t get into the hob rings themselves.


Here is the after picture, not perfect but much better!


You can see the full range of fabulous BizzyBee products at


Kathryn xxx




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