Bayliss And Harding Reed Diffuser

I’m sure most of you know Bayliss & Harding for their fabulous skin care and hand cream ranges, but they have recently released a new home fragrance range. To freshen up James’s house, we decided to try out the Bayliss & Harding Reed Diffuser.


The reed diffuser comes beautifully packaged in a cream and gold box, and inside is the main glass bottle which contains the oils of jojoba, silk and almond. You simply unscrew the gold cap, remove the plastic stopper, and then screw the gold lid back on. Then you take the wooden sticks and arrange them prettily in the bottle. The reed diffuser does the rest of the work, the oils gradually soak through the sticks, which then give off a beautiful fragrance throughout the house.


It is a really beautiful item to have in the home and as the colours are neutral, it will go with any décor in any room.

bay fnished

You can check out the new Bayliss & Harding home fragrance range at



Kathryn xxx







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