Nail HQ All In One

As mentioned in my Models Own post, my nails were in desperate need of some TLC, which British brand Nail HQ totally provided. Nail HQ produce a wide range of nail care products including hardeners, ridge fillers, top coats and more.

nail hq main

The product that I went for is the All In One with Argan Oil. This product is perfect for dry, brittle, soft and weak nails, all of which I was suffering from after tearing off my Shellac. As I wanted to try out my Models Own Shades for Tan polishes I wanted to get my nails in tip top condition quick snap.

All you need to do is apply one coat to natural nails, ensuring they are clean and dry before application and wear on its own or underneath your regular nail polish. As my nails were in an unfortunate state I decided to try it out just on its own for a couple of days. The formula looks an aqua blue in the bottle but when applied is clear and dries almost instantly to give a healthy finish to the natural nail.

nail hq open

This is a truly nourishing formula containing the wonder product that is Argan oil as well as a super mineral complex. I felt like I had a protection over my natural nail and within just a couple of days my nails were looking and feeling much healthier and ready to be polished. I cannot wait to try some of the other products in this superb line of nail care.

Nail HQ All In One is available from Tesco and Amazon for just £7.99


Kathryn xxx


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