Dr Organic Manuka Honey Face Scrub

Let me introduce you to Dr Organic, a skincare range which contains no harsh chemicals and all products are suitable for vegetarians. I have been looking for a natural face scrub/exfoliator for a while now and thought this Manuka Honey version would be perfect.

dr organic

I sometimes have sensitive skin, particularly on my cheeks, but I still like to use a face scrub once a week as it gets rid of all of the dead skin. The Dr Organic Manuka Honey Face Scrub (£5.99 for 125ml) is known for its excellent healing properties, which at the moment is perfect for my skin.

The packaging states the following;

A bioactive deep cleansing exfoliant with natural skin restoring and nourishing properties. Bioactive Organic Manuka Honey has a host of skin repairing and restoring properties. In combination with a complex blend of bioactive, natural and organic ingredients and formulated using natural micro particles of volcanic lava, corn cob powder and ground fruit seed, we have produced an exceptionally deep cleansing, repairing exfoliant that removes impurities and excess oil whilst restoring, nourishing and moisturising the skin to give a radiant youthful glow.

dr organic open

When trying out the scrub I noticed that it had a very strong scent of sweet honey which I loved straightaway. The product has a cream consistency and the grains are very fine but still manage to exfoliate the skin well. After using the scrub, I noticed that my skin was lovely and soft, without feeling tight like some exfoliators have left my skin feeling before.

There are a full range of Dr Organic products, suitable for all skin types, which you can check out at www.drorganic.co.uk


Kathryn xxx


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