CB12 Mouthwash & Chewing Gum

Another product which we reviewed when starting out was the CB12 mouthwash, and the company who produces it have recently brought out CB12 Chewing Gum. I tend to eat quite spicy food and so some form of mints or chewing gum is an essential item in my handbag. The CB12 miniature mouthwash and CB12 chewing gum are both perfect for when I’m on the go.

CB12 Mouthwash


The CB12 Mint Safe Breath Mouthwash is a really effective mouthwash that I found provided me with fresher breath throughout the day, which is something I haven’t really experienced with other branded mouthwashes. Even though it provides you with long-lasting fresh breath, it is still quite a gentle formula that doesn’t leave a sting in the mouth.

CB12 Chewing Gum £4.99 for 10 pieces


The CB12 Boost Sugar Free Chewing Gum has quite a strong minty flavour and tastes just like regular chewing gum but with the regular effects of CB12. It contains fluoride and keeps your breath smelling much fresher for longer than other regular chewing gum. CB12 Boost is a two-layered gum that contains zinc for preventing bad breath, and xylitol to help reduce plaque and at just three calories a piece, is healthier than regular gum.

You can check out further CB12 information at www.cb12.co.uk


Kathryn xxx


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