Magnitone Lucid

When The Kats Paws started out I was lucky enough to try the Magnitone Pulsar – a face cleansing and exfoliating brush and have used it more or less every day since. My boyfriend lives 90 miles away from me and I spend nearly every weekend there and so I have started buying two of everything so that packing is easier and quicker every Thursday night – I now have 2 pairs of GHDs, two sets of makeup, and now I have two Magnitones. This is the Magnitone Lucid, a smaller, compact version of the Magnitone Pulsar. 


As I have used the Magnitone before I knew the results but I wanted to refresh your memories, as we have lots of new followers and subscribers since our very first Magnitone post.

With 10,000 pulsed osculations per minute, the Magnitone Lucid gives a deeper cleanse than your normal face wash and gets deep into your pores for that super clean feeling. It is suitable for all skin types, which is perfect for me as my skin type changes depending on the seasons, and can be used everyday and night to fit in with your regular skincare routine. There are two settings, deep cleanse and sensitive, which you just click the button for either once or twice, depending on which effect you are wanting and there is also a timer which is really handy. It is split into zonal intervals which the Lucid will beep after each one – the forehead, the right side of the face and then the left side of your face. 

It is the perfect size for travelling, which means I will be able to take it on my holiday too. The charger is totally different to the Pulsar – it is a little magnet which pops onto the bottom of the Lucid and then you just plug in as normal. I use my Magnitone twice a day and it the charge life lasts absolutely ages, which is great as I am quite forgetful when it comes to charging things up!

Ooh I almost forgot the colours! The Magnitone Lucid is available in a brilliant sky blue, a pretty mint green, a bright sunshine yellow and my personal favourite, a gorgeous plush pink, which is the one I went for – James’ (my boyfriend) bathroom is boyish and blue and so I thought a flash of pink would be perfect.


To use the Lucid, you simply use it with your regular cleanser, and glide the brush across your face quite slowly for it to get deep into the skin. The bristles are lovely and soft and not at all harsh on the face. The appliance itself is waterproof and so can be used whilst relaxing in the bath or dashing in the shower.

I had results after just one week with the original Magnitone Pulsar, and this Magnitone Lucid has continued to make my skin much better and smoother. The Magnitone Lucid is £69.99 which is much cheaper than the original Magnitone as well as being even cheaper than similar products, which is why I couldn’t wait to snap it up.

You can check out Magnitone’s range at


Kathryn xxx



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