W7 Full Time Lip Colour

I recently wanted to try a bright red gloss, and have done for a while, but I thought I would end up with gloss on my teeth, sticky gloopy gloss on everything I drank or ate and so have avoided purchasing one. Until I came across W7 Full Time Lip Colour in Mars. It says it gives all day glossiness, which to be honest I did find hard to believe.


You firstly apply the colour, wait for it to dry (approximately 30 seconds), and then apply the clear gloss on top of the colour. The colour was a beautiful bright red, and the gloss was super shiny, and amazingly I couldn’t feel any stickiness or heaviness. 


I applied the gloss in the morning, and even when drinking my can of Coca-Cola there was no lip prints on the can. It literally did not budge all day, whatever I ate or drank, which is something I have never ever experienced before. Most glosses stay on an hour or so at the most, and so I was really impressed with this gloss. 




At the end of the day, the gloss was still there, I cleansed my face and it did remove the shine but not the colour and so I used an oiled based make-up remover and it came off perfectly.



I cannot wait to order more of these in other colours, as it is honestly the best lip gloss I have tried, and believe me I have tried aLOT! I have a few other W7 goodies which I shall be sharing with you soon.


You can check out the full W7 Cosmetics range at http://www.w7cosmetics.co.uk 


Kathryn xxx




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