The Body Shop Newbies

The Body Shop have a few newbies out at the moment and of course I couldn’t wait to try them. Here are my choices from the new ranges.

Vineyard Peach Body Lotion – £8 for 250ml

Since coming back from 43 degree heat in Egypt, my skin has been really dry and I wanted a new body lotion to help put moisture back into my skin. As soon as I smelt the Vineyard Peach fragrance I was in heaven – I love the smell of peaches, and this is certainly a genuine peach scent rather than the more chemically smelling ones. It comes in a pump bottle which is really easy and quick to use. The lotion is luxuriously smooth and creamy and left my skin feeling fresh and soft.


English Dawn White Gardenia Eau De Toilette – £15.50 for 50ml

The English Dawn White Gardenia is a limited edition range and the scent is a glorious, lively fragrance from the Scents of the World collection, featuring a blend of sumptuous white flowers. I loved the fresh scent of this fragrance and thought it would be perfect for everyday use in these lovely summer months. The scent isn’t overpowering but does seem to last the majority of the day.

ImageInstablur – £14 for 25ml

My normal primer has not been doing as good a job as usual and so when on the look out for a new one I discovered Instablur. I had read about it in a magazine and was desperate to try it out. It contains Community Fair Trade marula oil, and helps to;

·         Control shine for up to 12hours

·         Reduce the appearance of pores

·         Hide blemishes

·         Unify the complexion

·         Extend the wear of make-up

I tried this product out and certainly wasn’t disappointed, my make-up lasted all day and certainly didn’t slide off. My skin has also cleared up a little as Instablur forms a layer between the skin and your makeup and so the makeup doesn’t sink deep into the skin.



Kathryn xxx



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