Molton Brown The Hand Creams Gift Spring Edition

I may have mentioned before about my love for Molton Brown and when I saw this beautiful pink gift set I couldn’t resist – I just had to try it out.


Firstly the packaging – Molton Brown is such a luxurious skincare brand, and certainly never lets me down on the way they parcel up their lotions and potions. The box is, as mentioned, a beautiful pink colour with a pretty ribbon around it.


Inside the box are three stunning hand creams from the London via The World range. These include the Rhubarb & Rose Replenishing Hand Cream, the Pink Pepperpod Replenishing Hand Cream and the Gingerlily Replenishing Hand Cream. Molton Brown scents are often very unusual by name and by smell, but unusual in an amazing way. The ingredients I have often never heard of and being the Google geek that I am, I find it interesting to have a Google and see what on earth a Pink Pepperpod or a Gingerlily is.



Image Each tube is full size at 40ml, and the cream instantly absorbs into the skin, leaving my hands delectably soft and beautifully moisturised. My personal favourite scent from this collection is the Pink Pepperpod as I find it really refreshing but not too fruity or floral, and so this is the one I keep in my handbag.

The collection is £25, but the retail value individually is £38 and that is without that beautiful pink box I keep raving about!


A well-moisturised Kathryn xxx



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