Denman Hair Fitness For Men Hairbrush and Comb

My Dad is forever using my favourite Denman hairbrush to brush his hair with, which drives me crazy as every morning I have to go on a brush hunt. When Denman brought out their Hair Fitness For Men range I knew exactly who I would be making sure had a brush or two of their very own.


Hair Fitness For Men Precision Styling Brush £7.99

This brush features 7 rows of super smooth nylon pins for a really good grip and control during brushing. The round headed pins glide smoothly through even the coarsest of textures and leave the hair cuticle polished.


My Dad, Jeff is 64 years old in September but is lucky enough to have a good head of hair still, just like my Grandad had and has only recently just started to get a few grey hairs in his sideburns. Therefore, the Precision Styling Brush is perfect for him to keep his hair in tip top condition, without borrowing mine.


Hair Fitness For Men Carbon Pocket Comb £2.50

Dad loves carrying a comb around in his pocket and has done since I can remember, but he is always losing them! If he manages to keep hold of this comb, he will really benefit from using it. This pocket comb contains a carbon fibre additive which minimises the static electricity which is often produced when combing the hair.


Dad was really pleased to have a brush of his very own and I think bringing out a men’s hair tool range is such a good idea as it allows the boys to keep their hair tidy without looking a little girly.


Kathryn xxx


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