Claire’s Accessories Mini Haul

Claire’s Accessories is girl heaven – jewellery, bags, cosmetics, sparkly things, glittery things, fluffy pink things, the lot! Even at the age of 30 I love going in and don’t often come out empty handed. I just wanted to share with you a few things I recently got, including a few new hair trends.

Daisy Hair Clips 2 Pack £4

A little more than I would often spend on two hair clips, but I love daisies, and even my little cat is named Daisy. These are quite large hair clips and are on little crocodile clips which are easy to glide into place.


Neon Coral Flower Bun Garland £5

I love the brightness of the coral and the white on this garland and it is perfect for putting around one of the donut sponges which a lot of people use to have a more structured updo. This is perfect for summer and will look fabulous with a pretty white dress.

ImageFuzzy Daisy Drawstring Anklet £4.50

My love of daisies continues with this really cute anklet. It has five fuzzy daisies on a plaited white cord which is really simple to tie around your anklet into a bow. Another summery purchase which I cannot wait to wear.

ImageLove Heart Donut by Scunci £8

This may seem quite expensive for one of the hair donuts, but this is a hair donut with a difference – it shapes the hair into a love heart! The set includes the heart bun maker, 2 Scunci hair elastics and 6 black Scunci Kirby grips and comes with full instructions on how to achieve the look.


Bow Maker Hair Tool by Scunci £5.50

I once saw Lauren Conrad with a bow in hair, made from her actual hair and was super jealous as bows are one of my favourite things, but being as useless as I am with hair, it was something I couldn’t re-create. That is, until I discovered the Scunci Bow Maker Hair Tool. Each kit contains 3 bow making tools and 6 kirby grips, and again has step-by-step instructions on how to create a bow.

ImageVintage Hair Roll Kit by Scunci £8

This is actually another look I am copying after seeing it on someone at Sharm El Sheikh airport. She had her hair done up in a vintage hair roll, with a floral hair garland added for extra prettiness. I was so pleased when I found this kit in Claire’s Accessories. Each kit contains a hair roller and 6 kirby grips and those full instructions as with the other two kits.


I am sure I will be able to create some fab summery looks this season with these amazing kits and accessories.


An inspired Kathryn xxx



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