Make-Up Haul

This was supposed to be a fairly small-sized haul, but it grew and grew and grew so here goes! I am going through a make-up buying phase at the moment, there are so many fabulous summer colours, new products and great offers that it is hard to resist!

First stop – Boots. I love Boots, there are so many great brands and products that I spend way too much money in there. They currently have lots of great cosmetics deals on and here is what I picked up…

No7 Exfoliating Sponge £3.75

I wanted an exfoliating sponge that I could take away with me, and this is a perfect price and size for that. Plus it comes in a resealable plastic pouch which is handy for travelling.


No7 Flawless Finish Sponge Pack of 2 £3.75

I ordered these to keep in my ‘stock cupboard’ to be honest as sponges are always handy to have in and if you order two No7 products you get a free gift (Yessssssss!).

ImageNo7 Set for Summer

This was the free gift I got when I bought the sponges. It includes

*BB Lips Beauty Balm in Blink Pink

*Extreme Length Waterproof Mascara in Black (Perfect for on holiday when you are in the pool)

*Stay Perfect Eye Shadow in the Middle shade of the Good Earth Trio (A really pretty champagne colour)

*Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Duck Egg Blue


I love trying out freebies as you often try something you wouldn’t necessarily buy, and this set has some really pretty colours inside.

SEVENTEEN Stay Time Pressed Powder in Fair £4.49


At the moment I have glandular fever, which sometimes causes me to get a really bad hot flush and so liquid foundation is a bit of a no-no for me at the moment as it just slides off my face. Therefore I wanted to get a powder that I could dust onto my face, and with it being the Stay Time range it lasts throughout the day.

SEVENTEEN Solo Eye Shadow in Viva Diva £3.89


I’m back into Eyeshadows again at the moment and this pretty peacock colour really caught my eye. It is highly pigmented and is in dust form rather than pressed powder form. I have also used this as an eyeliner by using a damp eyeliner brush and using a tiny amount of the eye shadow and sweeping it across my eyelids.

SEVENTEEN Lip Crayon in Pink FREE


Another freebie from Boots! Buy any two SEVENTEEN products and you get a choice of two Lip Crayons free. This is such a gorgeous colour and has a stunning shimmer to it, and goes on really smoothly.


SEVENTEEN Cheek Stamp Blush in Blushin £4.99


This is a really cute little screw top compact, that has a little mirror on the top and the applicator is a round sponge that you simply press onto the cheeks, which allows you to build the colour up as much as you would like.

SEVENTEEN Lip Crayon in Coral FREE


I bought a lipstick for an upcoming Pucker Up feature that I will be adding to the blog soon and so I got another free Lip Crayon. Again, this glides on really easily and the sparkle in the colour is lovely without being glitzy.


Colgate Max White One Optic £4.49


Bit of a random purchase in a make-up blog, but if you buy this toothpaste in store you can choose from a choice of 3 Nails Inc nail polishes, which are usually around £11. I chose Optic Wave which is a really pretty sea foam green colour. Sparkling teeth and pretty nails all for under £5!

Max Factor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick in Princess Rose £6.99


Now to be honest, I think the ‘Giant’ is a bit misleading as to me it looks a normal lip colour size. Nevertheless, this is a beautiful pink colour which has a bit of a gloss to it as well. The only thing I cannot fathom out is how to push the colour up as the pen stick is plastic so cannot be sharpened and the bottom doesn’t seem to twist up.


Max Factor Wild Shadow Eyeshadow Pencil in Shade 20 £5.99

max eyeshadow

I chose this colour which is a dusky rosey pink – sorry my descriptions are not the best! But I thought it would be great to pop into my handbag for eye colour on the go rather than having to carry a powder and a brush around with me. The texture is creamy and stays on really well.

Max Factor Max Colour Effects Mini Nail Polish in Moon Dust £3.99

max nail polish

I love miniature nail polishes as I often don’t end up using a full sized bottle of polish and so this is perfect as I don’t feel bad about wastage! The colour is a stunning purple with lots of different shimmery colours mixed inside and so gives a two tone effect.

Max Factor Summer Gift Set FREE

max factor main

As I spent over £15 on Max Factor goodies I got this gift set free! Inside you get a full sized False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara in Black/Brown, a full sized Colour Elixir Gloss in Captivating Ruby, a full sized Glossfinity Nail Polish in Snow White and a sample of the Facefinity All Day Flawless Primer. I think this is such a good set as three of the products are full sized, and although a bright red lipstick and a white nail polish are not necessarily something I would buy, it was fun to try them out. My Goddaughter Willow came for a sleepover on Friday and so on the Saturday we painted her nails yellow and the Snow White polish to match her pretty summery outfit.

Rimmel Clear Complexion Transparent Powder £3.99

rimmel powder

Again, I bought this to try and combat my far-too-glowing face. It has a really light texture which I prefer as I don’t like make-up to feel caked on my face. It clarifies the skin for up to 5 hours using the PureSkin complex that is in the powder.

Rimmel Sweetie Crush Nail Effect Nail Polish in Fizzy Applicious and Sherbet Sweetheart £3.99 each

rimmel nails

I love candy colours and shades of make up and as soon as I saw the new Sweetie Crush range I had to try them out. I chose this light green and light lemon colours. They both have shimmer in them and leave a sugar texture once dry which is great for trying something new.

Sunshimmer By Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Bronze FREE

rimmel bronzer

Another freebie! I love bronzers but have never tried Rimmel’s before. Like the Clear Complexion Powder, this bronzer is really light and dusts over the face really easily without looking like an Oompa Lumpa!

Next up, was Superdrug, which I ordered online as we only have a small Superdrug in my town and so with free postage it is just as easy to place an order on their website.

Collection Blush in Trouble £2.99

collection blush

First off I love the pretty floral pattern that is embossed into the blusher – a lovely little extra. The colour is shimmery without the glitz factor, which is something I strictly reserve for Christmas and is a lovely pinky shade without being Barbie-esque.

Collection Work The Colour Nail Polish in Fairy Dust £1.99

collection shimmer polish

A bargain price of just £1.99, this pinky/purple/blue (told you I was good at descriptions!) nail polish has a lovely shimmer (yes I do love shimmery makeup!!!) and is perfect for summer.

Collection Mardi Gras Lip Balm in Strawberry FREE

collection strawb lip balm

A bit of a theme here, lots of freebies going on! If you spend £3.99 or over on Collection cosmetics you get a free Limited Edition Mardi Gras Lip Balm. The strawberry scent makes me want to actually eat the lip balm, but I managed to refrain.

Collection Little Mix’s Perrie Full On Mascara in Perrie’s Black £2.99

collection mascara

I bought this on a bit of a whim really as I wanted to try something from the Little Mix collection but the lipsticks and eye shadows didn’t really stand out to me. Therefore I chose the mascara and chose Perrie’s as she is my fave haha!

Collection Mardi Gras Nail Polish in Canary Yellow £1.99

collection yellow polish

I really wanted to purchase a bright yellow nail polish, but the majority I found previously were really thin or neon yellow. This Canary Yellow is perfect, and great for summer, and of course matched Willow’s outfit perfectly!


Collection Mardi Gras Lip Balm in Green Apple FREE

collection apple lip balm

I love apple-scented things, as I find them really fresh and fun but the scent of this lip balm is not as nice as most other apple fragrances I have smelt. Willow liked it though so she has claimed it.

MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter £3

mua highlighter

As soon as I saw this I had to have it. It is the prettiest shimmery powder (yes sorry for the overuse of pretty and shimmery but it is true!) I have ever seen. I love dusting it on my cheekbones and seeing the luminescence.

MUA Luxe Glitter Eye Palette in Twilight £4

mua glitter

I know I said that I usually save glitter cosmetics for Christmas but I couldn’t resist this palette. The swatches have really intense glitter concentration and unlike a lot of glitter eye shadows, the gel doesn’t cause the glitter to slide off, it actually stays put!

Barry M Nail Polishes £3.99 each

I love Barry M cosmetics as they do such fabulous colours in all of their ranges. Therefore I decided to purchase a nail polish from each of their new collections and I chose…

barry m

*Matte Nail Paint in Waikiki – I personally love the Matte nail trend at the moment and it can really change the look of a polish. This is a lovely fresh apple colour.

*Silk Nail Paint in Truffle – This is a lovely champagne colour and the shimmer in it makes it look just like silk.

*Mermaid Nail Paint in Caspian – This polish is a gold colour but has a two-tone colour of pink running through it – pretty much like a fish’s scales – a pretty one not an ugly one!

*Superdrug Limited Edition Nail Paint in Promenade – A lovely bright pink colour perfect for summer, and has cute love hearts on the lid.

*Matte Topcoat – As mentioned earlier I am loving the Matte nail polish look and with this top coat I can transform any nail polish to a matte one simply by applying this top coat.

*Instant Effects in Gold Foil – This is such a luxurious gold colour that will look stunning with a tan and some cute flip flops.

So, there we have it, a little (?!) make-up haul. Let me know which make up purchases you will be making this summer.


Kathryn xxx



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