AVOJO Black Peel Off Mask

As you may or may not know by now, I love pampering time, relaxation and beauty products. Face masks are one of my favourite beauty products, as they are so quick and easy to use, smell delicious and really soothe and relax my skin. We were recently sent some AVOJO Black Peel Off Masks to try, and when I heard that they were black I was slightly worried – perhaps a pain to get off? Well, here goes nothing…


The Black Peel Off Mask is a mask (obviously) designed to remove, as well as prevent blackheads, grime and dirt. It was created by Danish brand AVOJO who have recently launched here in the UK. The mask arrives in a  simple white sachet which contains a good amount of information including an ingredients list and directions of use. The packaging was really simple, but sometimes a product doesn’t need loud, brashy packaging, it’s the product that works not the packaging. 


Even at 30 years old, I still suffer from blackheads around my nose and chin area and so I decided to try the mask out. I opened up the sachet to find what can only be described as black, sticky goop. Sounds attractive right? I cleansed my face, and applied the mask to my forehead, nose and chin, as it says to avoid the eye area. There was quite a strong smell of alcohol whilst the mask was setting on my face, but I persevered for the thirty minutes application time. I often find with peel off masks that they are quite difficult to remove, often coming off in tiny pieces, but this mask came off in quite good-sized chunks. 


After removal of the mask, my skin definitely felt much less oily and the majority of my blackheads had miraculously disappeared, which I was really pleased with, as there are so may blackhead removal products and few rarely work. I would recommend using the mask once a week, and I believe that this will really improve your skin, noticeably as well as underneath the skin.


You can purchase the AVOJO Black Peel Off Mask for £3 per 10ml sachet, or 5 sachets for £10 from the AVOJO website www.avojo.com


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