The Fragrance Shop – Discovery Box: DAY ONE

I’ll just throw it out there from the outset, I love this idea!

The Fragrance Shop’s Discovery Box is packed full of tiny bottles of perfume in sample sizes so you can see what you like the smell off much better than spraying a small amount on a piece of card and wafting it under your nose in a shop.

I’ve decided to try one per day until I’ve tried them all, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll decide to purchase something different to Marc Jacobs Daisy soon!



The first one I have tried today is:

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Couture – Eau De Parfum


I picked this one first purely because I liked the design on the front. It was pink, girly and had the body of a woman wearing a black cocktail dress – exuding glamour and sophistication. I had high hopes.

I probably wouldn’t purchase this perfume as it’s a bit too strong for me, but it is a pleasant smell and lasted almost all day with just one squirt!

I kept smelling it on myself throughout the day, which I do like in a perfume.

In the booklet which comes in the box, it tells me that the range is inspired by the little black dress, which I read as classic, staple, go-to, flattering and a must have for any wardrobe as it goes with any shoes, any bag, and accessories and for any occasion.

I guess that’s what this perfume is selling itself as?

Yes, it’s nice, and I can still smell it now, even after squirting it at 8am this morning, but I’m not blown away.


The bottle for the full sized version of this does look amazing though! It would look great sat on your dresser, and I think that plays a big part in a perfume purchase!

I’ll let you know what tomorrow’s choice is 🙂

Emily x


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