So today, as it’s Monday, and all diets MUST start on a Monday in girl world, I realised it was only 45 days until my summer holiday with my friends. I’ve been dieting since we booked it (February/March time) and nothing seems to be working! Or maybe I’m just not doing it right… But still, I’ve not lost the 173 stone I was planning to lose.

Then I realised I had a box of Skinny Sprinkles and the time had come to use them!

Skinny Sprinkles are a food supplement to aid weight loss, which are specially formulated to aid weight reduction by reducing snacking and eating.



The benefits include:

– reduces body weight
– reduces hunger pangs
– feel fuller for longer
– contributes to the formation of collagen (I don’t really know what that means either)
– prebiotic action
– gluten free
– high in fibre
– reduces tiredness and fatigue
– contributes to the function of healthy bones and teeth

Yep, this all sounds pretty good to me!

Basically, it’s a drink that helps you eat less- and my biggest problem in life is snacking (and my love for pizza…)

The box provides 21 servings and it’s recommended you drink 3 per day, one 30 minutes before each meal.

Each sachet is only 19 calories too.

By what I can see, the mixture gets thicker the longer it is reacting with water, so once it is in your stomach, it expands into a gel like substance that fills you up more than what you are eating. It sounds fairly strange when you think of it this way, but I’m willing to give it a go!


Each serving is in a small silver sachet, which is so easy to carry around in your handbag rather than lugging a big tub of powder or bottles of ready made drink. You mix the sachet with 200ml of water and you’re good to go.

The flavour I have is Strawberry Smoothie which sounded pleasant so I was looking forward to trying it.


So far, I’ve not eaten anything (I know, it’s bad) as I never have time for breakfast in a morning. Usually my breakfast is an apple and a cereal bar at my desk at around half past 10/ 11am so I’d already passed my breakfast Skinny Sprinkle mix.

With around half an hour to go until lunch, I decided it was time to make my first Skinny Sprinkle smoothie.

I poured the sachet into a water bottle and filled it about half full (estimating that this would be around 200ml.)




I then added water, gave it a mix and a shake and had my first sip.




I won’t lie, the taste isn’t AMAZING, but it’s easily drinkable. My first impression was a weak black current cordial.

At this point, I didn’t realise how thick it would get over time. After 15 minutes of sipping it I could feel the consistency changing and towards the end it had turned into a gel substance that was really difficult to swallow.


(I spilt some by accident, but at least it made for a good snap…)

However, I finished it off and instantly felt so full! I could have easily gone without lunch but I thought the hunger pangs would be horrendous come mid afternoon.

For lunch I had a tuna salad, and instantly felt like I’d had a gigantic roast dinner – I was so full!

I was full the entire afternoon, so come 6pm, I decided to have another before tea.

I drank this one much quicker and it was a lot easier to consume! I’ll remember to drink these quickly from now on.

For tea, I had a low fat chicken and pasta meal, which was only 260 calories with some salad. Again, I felt really full afterwards.

After tea, I felt the need for something sweet so had a little bit of fat free vanilla yoghurt with some granola.

All in all, I’ve probably had around 1000 calories today (maybe a little more or a little less) and two Skinny Sprinkles concoctions and it was more than enough!

I have a really good feeling about these….

It’s also worth nothing that you need to drink a lot of water with Skinny Sprinkles! I’ve had about 2 litres today.

I’ll blog again next Monday with an update and see if I’ve lost any weight!

You can buy these at and a pack of 21 sachets are around £17.

Wish me luck and let me know if you get some!

Emily x


3 thoughts on “SKINNY SPRINKLES: Day One

  1. These sound great, I’m on slim fast but these would help me not eat so much at tea(I never stick to the 600 calls they say for tea)

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