Catch-Up & Mini Superdrug Haul

I have just got back from two weeks of VERY hot sunshine in Egypt. I am tired, sunburnt, recovering from laryngitis and have about 50,000 mosquito bites on the heal. Apart from that though, I had a cracking time! The sun never stopped shining, there was plenty of yummy food to be eaten, the staff were mega friendly and the drinks were free!







Coral Sea Holiday Village, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


Me and James 


Anyway, before I went I took a little trip to Superdrug to stock up on a few bits and pieces and so thought I would share my little haul with you. 


As you may or may not know, both Emily and myself are huge Batiste fans, and Superdrug were doing the better than half price offer, which is when I usually buy a couple of cans whether I need them or not. I opted for the new Pixie Lott can as I haven’t experienced this fragrance yet. It was easily the best Batiste fragrance I have used, really fresh and floral and the swirly sea-coloured pattern on the can is really funky. The other can I chose was Floral, which I have had before. The design on the can is really pretty and vintage inspired, with tiny pink roses on a pale yellow background. This is probably my now second (was first, but Pixie’s new fragrance took over) favourite scent, really delicate and sweet, without being overbearing.



Batiste Floral & Batiste Pixie Lott Special Edition

Seriously, Batiste should start doing a range of perfumes!! As mentioned before, I use Batiste on a weekly basis, it really helps to keep my hair refreshed inbetween washes, as I believe too much shampooing can strip the hair of its natural oils, and this can make it produce more oil, making the hair look greasy.


Make Up Academy (MUA) is a VERY affordable cosmetic brand available at Superdrug, prices start at just £1 and so I picked up a few pieces as they were also included in the 3 for 2 offer, which made them so cheap it would have been a crime not to add them to my basket. First up is the Mosaic Bronzer, I chose Shade 1, as I am quite fair skinned, and too much bronzer can make me look orange, regardless of the shade.



MUA Mosaic Bronzer

At just £2.50, this is a really good investment for the upcoming summer months, to help promote that summer glow. I did struggle to open the compact a little, but this was perhaps just a one off problem. The compact has matte and shimmering bricks in the powder, and so it gives a lovely natural finish without being too shimmery and you can also build up the colour really easily due to the mosaic pattern.



MUA Mosaic Bronzer

Nail Polish in Lush Lilac

At just £1 each, these polishes are perfect to try out new colours and shades without breaking the bank. I bought this pretty pink/lilac colour for this weekend as my little 4 year old Goddaughter Willow is coming Friday evening for a little sleepover and we love to have girly pampering time, and I thought she would love this cute colour, as pink is her favourite colour and this one is light enough for her to be able to wear it at school. 



MUA Nail Polish in Lush Lilac

Blusher in Marshmallow and Blush Perfection Cream Blusher in Bittersweet

I love trying out new colours, and MUA products are fantastic for this, and so when looking for a new blusher, I chose one powder formula in a candy pink, and a cream blusher in a pretty coral colour. The powder blusher leaves a light dusting of candy pink on the cheeks, and didn’t feel too thick, which enabled me to have a pop of colour without looking like Barbie.


MUA Cream Blusher in Bittersweet and MUA Blusher in Marshmallow

I found with the cream blusher that you did need more of the product than with powder blushers, as it was quite sheer, which can be what people want, but as I built up the colour, I fell in love with the pinky coral sheen it left, it is so pretty, and this will definitely be my go-to blusher this summer. Prices for the blushers are £1-£2.50.



MUA Cream Blusher in Bittersweet and MUA Blusher in Marshmallow

Lipstick in Shade 4 (Pink) and Shade 15 (Coral)

I have wanted to try a coral lipstick for a while now, but being a brace-wearer I didn’t want a shade that was too orangey, as I thought it would make my teeth look a bit discoloured. I picked these lipsticks up for just £1, and so I thought, if the colour didn’t look right, I wasn’t wasting too much money.



MUA Lipstick in Shade 15 and Shade 4

I recently went out for dinner with my friend Ruth, whilst the boys went to watch the boxing, and couldn’t wait to try out my new lipsticks. I am normally a pink lipstick/gloss kinda gal, and so thought I would go out of my comfort zone and try out the coral. The texture of the lipstick was so much creamier than I expected it to be, and it managed to stay on throughout two glasses of wine and a scrumptious pasta dish, which is something much more expensive lipsticks fail to do. I loved the colour, and continued wearing it on holiday.


The pink lipstick looks candy pink in the tube, but upon application, it gave a really pretty sheer pink shade, without being too over the top, and didn’t make my teeth look discoloured. I really love this shade and it has been the lipstick I have gone to for pretty much any occasion.

So, just a little blog post to let you know where I’ve been and that I’m back, I shall be adding a few bits and pieces I got in Egypt and much much more so stay tuned!!!


A suntanned (sunburnt) Kathryn xxx


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