Viridian Nutrition – Cherry Night

I am the world’s worst sleeper, I can lie there for hours and not sleep a wink. Eventually it gets to a point where it really affects me and I get really tired and miserable on a weekend, much to my boyfriend’s displeasure!

When Viridian Nutrition kindly sent me a bottle of Cherry Night to try I must say I was intrigued. It is known for helping with insomnia and is a blend of Glycine, Morello Cherry, Red Date Extract and Magnesium and is designed to be a natural sleep aid to help boost melatonin (the sleep hormone) production.


Cherry Night arrives in powder form, which you mix with water or juice and drink one hour before going to bed. As it says cherry on the bottle, I expected it to taste predominantly of cherries, but it didn’t really have much of a taste to it and so I added some Ribena Orange and Mandarin juice to add some flavour and make it easier to drink.


I blew out my Yankee Candles, got settled in bed and tried to relax, it did make me sleepier than usual and so I did fall asleep pretty quickly but I did wake up in the night a couple of times, but then this is not unusual for me. I am definitely going to keep trying this mixture on an evening before bed, as any sleep is better than no sleep.


Viridian Nutrition Cherry Night retails at £24.95 for a 150g bottle and is available from


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