Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Range

As a kid I absolutely loved the smell of Deep Heat, some may say they hate it, but it reminded me of being at football matches supporting my local team. Deep Heat have recently brought out a new selection of products that have been made to help relieve the stresses daily life puts on your muscles. The warming sensation provides relief whilst the beautiful aromas help relax the mind as well as the body.



Muscle Rescue Neck and Shoulder Cream


This warming cream contains a mix of vanilla and rosemary, to help give a soothing sensation. The ingredients are naturally active and the sponge applicator included ensures application is easy and mess free. Upon application of the cream, I instantly felt a relaxing warmth on my skin and the smell of the cream is so refreshing.


Muscle Rescue Bath Soak


As many of you may know, I love a bath, morning or evening! I find them so relaxing and it is my time alone with no distractions. The Muscle Rescue Bath Soak provides extra relief with key ingredients such as electrolyte minerals and essential oils of rosemary, patchouli and orange, which help to hydrate the body and prevent cramp. It also provides plenty of bubbles, but the soak doesn’t feel harsh on the skin, which some bubble baths tend to do.

You can check out more about the new Deep Heat Muscle Rescue range at and try out the gorgeous herbal aromas for yourself. Supermarkets such as Tesco stock the Neck and Shoulder Cream at £5.99 for 50g and the Bath Soak at £5.49 for 200ml.




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