I love love love LOVE crisps but the majority are so unhealthy, being full of saturated fat and calories! Therefore when we were sent a variety of PopChips, I couldn’t wait to try them. PopChips are a natural snack that are not fried, not baked, but are simply made with the finest ingredients, a little heat and pressure followed by all-natural seasoning. They have less than half the fat of fried potato chips, no cholesterol and zero grams of trans fat. They have no artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives. I’ll admit the majority of snacks like this are often very tasteless, but here’s what I thought of each flavour…

Sea Salt & Vinegar

This is the flavour I tried first as generally speaking I love salt and vinegar flavouring. The taste was not at all greasy, and the sea salt and vinegar taste really came through, without leaving a horrible aftertaste. I loved the fresh vinegar taste of these and they were definitely my favourite. A 23g bag contains 94 calories and 0.4g saturated fat.


Sour Cream & Onion

This is another of my favourite snack flavours, and PopChips did not disappoint. Again, a really strong taste without being overpowering. The sour cream and onion flavouring was quite creamy and fresh. A 23g bag contains 95 calories and 0.5g saturated fat.


Salt & Pepper

Personally I do not like pepper flavouring at all, in crisps, on food or anything and so I gave these to my Dad to try. He said that he really enjoyed them, and they made a change to the plain crisps he often buys and although he doesn’t need to watch his weight (men suck!), he said they definitely didn’t have a ‘diet’ taste to them. A 23g bag contains 94 calories and 0.4g saturated fat.



Mmmmmm these were so delicious I actually went out and bought more! The flavouring is so intense and smoky, reminding me of a summer’s day and having the barbeque out. As my Dad previously mentioned, these also do not taste like they are low in fat, or calories, and PopChips certainly do not scrimp on flavour. A 23g bag contains 96 calories and 0.4g saturated fat.



These were a really pleasant lightly salted flavour chip. They would be perfect for using instead of Doritos for salsa and sour cream dips or simply for those days when you don’t want anything too flavour-heavy. A 23g bag contains 95 calories and 0.4g saturated fat.


You can check out PopChips latest flavours at www.popchips.co.uk and you can purchase them from a variety of stores including Tesco, Boots and Starbucks. Amazon also sell packs of 24 for just £12 at the moment.


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