Payday Treats – The Body Shop

I love payday, I go a little (a lot) mad and treat myself because I obviously feel I deserve to whilst I don’t have children to pay for. Then, after said splurge, I am skint for the rest of the month. I have never been one to budget very well unfortunately but this is something I intend on working on. In the meantime, I had a little payday splurge down at The Body Shop this weekend and thought I would share with you my finds….

Shimmer Lip Glosses

First up are two shimmer lip glosses. I chose Rose flavour and also Vanilla flavour (it is payday after all!). The Rose flavour has a gorgeous shimmery pink and silver mix to give a high-impact glossiness with a delicate rose flavour. The colour of both of these lip glosses on the lips is quite sheer but the pigments shine through. The Vanilla is my favourite as the smell is absolutely delicious and the shimmer is made up of cream, gold and iridescent colouring and gives a warmer finish to the lips. The Shimmer Lip Glosses cost £7 for 12ml and have a screw top cap with a slanted applicator to give easy application.


Shimmer Cubes

The Body Shop have produced Shimmer Cubes for many years now. They are little square containers which have four separately packaged cubes of shimmer inside. They tend to last me a lot longer than most eyeshadows I have purchased in the past and the intensity of the shimmer is pretty and interchangeable depending on how deep you want the colour. I decided on the Shimmer Cubes Palette 26 (Pinks) and the Shimmer Cubes Palette 30 (Browns). I chose the pinks as they were really pretty and iridescent and I thought I could also use them as a blusher (applied lightly). The colours included are Garden Rose, Deep Fuchsia, Light Coral and Champagne Pink.



The shimmer cubes are really easy to use and you can apply with your fingers or with an eyeshadow brush. To achieve a stronger colour you can apply using a damp eyeshadow or slanted brush. Palette 30 (the brown shades) contain a creamy champagne colour which is great for highlighting, a warm gold colour, which could also be great as an eyeliner, an orangey copper colour and a rich chocolatey brown, which would also be great as an eyeliner. The official names for these are Dusty Fawn, Burnished Gold, Warm Copper and Rich Espresso. Each Shimmer Cube Box costs £16, which works out at £4 a cube, and these are much easier and neater to take away with you than a bunch of eyeshadows.



Colour Crush Shine Lipsticks

These gorgeous sheer lipsticks are infused with Marula oil to condition and moisturise the lips. They glide on very smoothly and a mirror isn’t required. The colours I chose were Shade 03 Medium pink with a shimmer finish, Shade 05 Iridescent light plum and Shade 18 Juicy peach coral shade with no shimmer. As they are sheer lipsticks, they do not last all day, but when I tried out shade 03, it seemed to last around 2-3 hours and made my lips feel really moisturised. There are 26 amazing shades to choose from and cost £10 each, but keep an eye out on their website and in store as there are always offers on with great discounts. My favourite is definitely the juicy peach coral as it looks perfect for summer (when we eventually get some sunshine).



Shades 03, 05, 18

Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil

My skin has felt really dull and congested recently and so I wanted to try out a product that would hopefully help this. This is known as 8 hours of sleep in a bottle, and the texture of the serum is really hydrating and worked really well on the drier areas of my skin. What the serum does is creates a surface on your skin to help entrap moisture which in turn replenishes much needed hydration on your skin. The formula is a serum blended with a combination of oils and is easy to apply and absorbs fairly easily into the skin and doesn’t have the heavier texture of a facial oil. I found that it added a good deal of moisture which my drier skin sucked up and in the morning my skin looked more lively and certainly less dull. The scent is really fresh and pleasant and the serum comes in a bottle with a small dropper for application. It can be used after cleansing your skin, followed up with your usual skincare products. The Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil costs £12 for 28ml, which for skincare is not a bad price at all.


Early Harvest Raspberry Eau De Toilette

I chose this as I was wanting an everyday summer fragrance that wasn’t as pricey as my usual Alien perfume. When trying this on I found that the raspberry fragrance is thirst quenching and juicy, perfect for a summer’s day. The top note is juicy and bursting with fruit, and the middle phase is stickier, but not overly sweet, which can be a common thing in fruit scented fragrances. The base is not quite as tartly raspberryish and what I like about this perfume is that it contains genuine raspberry extract and therefore doesn’t smell as synthetic as other fruity scents tend to do. I could still smell this at the end of the day, which was really pleasing as the price is just £8.50 for 30ml and so I didn’t expect the scent to last all day.




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