Cadenzza: Bibi Bijoux Neon Twist Simple Bracelet

Cadenzza is an online luxury brand jewellery store, and one of the brands it houses is Bibi Bijoux. Bibi Bijoux are sisters Wendy and Diana who started out selling bracelets on the beach, and now their Netherlands-based jewellery business is an international brand. Vintage findings often start the design process: a lost charm or an antique necklace they’ve found in a flea market. Their handmade pieces combine silver with materials like leather, fabrics, and Swarovski crystals to create a bohemian look that works with any outfit.


We were recently sent the Bibi Bijoux Neon Twist Simple Bracelet by Cadenzza. It is available in three neon colours, pink, yellow and green and is brought to life by neon thread and three statement crystals and is perfect for adding a splash of colour to any outfit. At first I couldn’t figure out how to put the bracelet on, as it being thread I thought it would just go over the wrist with no fastening, although this proved a struggle and I do have quite slim wrists. I then realised (duh) that the stones are based on a silver-plated magnet which simply disconnects and then snaps back into place once the bracelet has been put onto the wrist.


As mentioned, the bracelet has three beautiful Swarovski crystals attached and is finished off with the signature Bibi logo charm. I recently had a look on and I must say that I love the new Bibi Bijoux Bohemian range – perfect for festivals and summer outfits!


The Bibi Bijoux Neon Twist Simple Bracelet is available from for 64 Euros, which today works out at around £52.




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