Lowry’s Chocolatier

When I visited Florida in March, I took a trip to a Chocolate Museum. It was fascinating to learn about the history of chocolate, and of course the smells were divine, with plenty of yummy samples to try! I think you can certainly tell the difference when trying quality, home-made chocolate to the everyday chocolate bars you find on shelves in supermarkets – not that there is anything wrong with those of course (I LOVE CHOCOLATE!).

Image Image

We were recently offered to try some samples from Lowrys Chocolatier and I could not wait to get my manicured mitts on them. Lowry’s is a small team made up of Dave and Catherine, who are both passionate about making gorgeous fresh chocolate the old fashioned way, entirely by hand in small batches, with local produce where possible, natural flavours and no artificial preservatives. Lowry’s chocolate is so fresh that it is recommended you eat it within two or three weeks. Although I must admit I definitely could not wait that long to try the chocolates we were sent!


We were sent White Chocolate, Strawberry Infused Kisses and a scrumptious White Chocolate Bar with added Raspberry Pieces. The Kisses were thick, luxurious and creamy white chocolate with a sprinkling of real strawberry on the other side. I have tried other luxury chocolate brands before and sometimes the chocolate can make me feel a bit sick after a couple of chocolates but in no way did I feel like I had overindulged, just a pleasant sweet aftertaste. The strawberry is almost like a dusting and the freshness totally reminds me of summer and fresh strawberries and cream.


The White Chocolate and Raspberry Bar was a good thickness and size, and the simple but effective packaging completed the look. Again, it was the same beautiful white chocolate as in the kisses but sprinkled with raspberry pieces this time. Raspberries can be quite sharp, but they went fantastically with the creamy chocolate. I managed to share this around my little office and my colleague Jayne said she would definitely purchase from Lowry’s. They currently make a Girls Night In Selection which looks amazing so please check this out!


The address is www.lowryschocolate.co.uk and the prices do not justify the quality of these delicious treats.


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