Functionalab Biomimetic First Signs Anti-Aging Cream

This year I turned 30 and actually discovered that I should have been using anti-aging products years ago! Therefore I was pleased when we were sent the Functionalab Biomimetic First Signs Anti-Aging Cream as it would give me a chance to add an anti-aging product to my skincare routine.


Functionalab is an innovative and premium brand of science-based, supplement solutions promoting a holistic approach to beauty, health and nutrition. Functionalab’s line of advanced beauty supplements and skincare is the most comprehensive of its kind and addresses today’s most prevalent beauty and wellness profiles, objectives and conditions. Functionalab’s products only offers the purest and highest-quality active natural ingredients supported by scientific research to maximise effectiveness and were developed in partnership with leading Ph.D. health scientists and laboratories developer of professionally-endorsed nutritional supplements.

Formulated with the purest natural ingredients and based on a culmination of the pioneering work behind three Nobel prizes, 5 years of research and clinical studies, the Functionalab Biomimetic is designed to work on three distinctive skin states – first signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles and mature skin and is based on the optimal ratios of 4 key ingredients;


  • Sirtuin 1* Activator which promotes long-term skin benefits and protects the skin from environmental aggression
  • Surtiun 3* Activator which stimulates skin cell energy production, reducing damage and enhancing skin appearance
  • Ub-p Accelerator which helps to detoxify skin cells and extend their efficiency to defy the aging process
  • Chronogen c.l.o.c.k. Peptide which boosts the skin’s ability to regenerate and revitalize around the day-night cycle for a fresher, more youthful appearance eliminating the need for separate day and night creams

On the first evening, I cleansed my face and then used my usual toner to remove all traces of make up, I then gently applied the cream to my face and neck and massaged into my skin. It is very important to apply cream to your neck as well as your face, as the skin in your neck can often lose it’s elasticity, hence the turkey neck look a lot of older people have. The cream felt lovely and smoothing and my skin, without feeling too heavy, which is something I don’t normally mind on an evening, but I do not like a heavy moisturising cream during the day as it can often make my skin appear shiny. In the morning, my skin felt rejuvenated and fresh and I began my morning skin care routine, ensuring I finished with smoothing the Functionalab on my face and neck again. During the day I found that my skin stayed naturally matte and I only had a slight shine on my chin, which is something I get regardless. To begin to feel the true benefits of a skincare product, you need to use it daily for 6 weeks as this is when the skin renews itself, therefore I shall be sure to keep you updated on how my skin looks and feels, but this is definitely a beautiful product I shall continue to use morning and evening.


You can purchase Functionalab Biomimetic First Signs Anti-Aging Cream and many other stunning skin care products from


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