Sunkissed Glimmer Compact

I recently ran out of my favourite bronzer – Too Faced Peach Leopard, went online to purchase another one, and BAM! They discontinued it! After being told at work I looked pale the next day, I decided to go home and raid my make up bag for another bronzer that didn’t make me look orange…I tried so many I ended up looking like Katie Price, minus the boob job.

Okay so my next port of call was Google, so many different types and brands of bronzer it made my head spin until I discovered Sunkissed Bronzing. I had seen their tanning products in the shops and so had a quick scan through the page and realised that the prices were really reasonable, which meant if I didn’t like the bronzer when I received it, then I hadn’t spent £30 on something I wouldn’t be using again.


I tried the Sunkissed Glimmer Compact which is just £4.49 with free postage and packing. It does state that it is for darker skin tones but the beauty of this compact is that it has five shimmering shades varying from light champagne to a dark chocolate colour. Meaning that you can go as light or as dark as you wish!


The light reflecting particles in the actual bronzer itself make it perfect for using as individual eyeshadows too. As I could control the depth of the colour, I didn’t end up with a colour that was too dark for me. The size of the compact is large and so I believe it will last me rather a long time, and will definitely be popping this in my hand luggage to Egypt.


You can purchase the Sunkissed Glimmer Compact from for £4.49.


3 thoughts on “Sunkissed Glimmer Compact

  1. such a good review, ive always wondered how good this was, but i think you can get it for 2 pounds in the uk in some of the discount shops 🙂 might have to give it a go

      • it was in one of the bath type shops, i think it was called body care, they have sunkissed in there, but occassionally you get it in pound shops and more often than that in home bargains 🙂 its just a case of looking at the upper shelves 😉 in home bargains though its usually in a set, wish i had gotten one now!

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