Ribena Plus Orange & Mandarin

Recently we were sent a bottle of Ribena Plus Orange & Mandarin flavour. It has no added sugar and contains just 10 calories per 250ml serving. One serving comprises 1 part Ribena with 4 parts water. I personally like my cordial quite weak and so mine was a little less than 1 part Ribena.


Ribena has been around since I can remember – 75 years in fact! It is usually recognised for it’s blackcurrant range which contained a good serving of Vitamin C. This new flavour range also has added Vitamins A and C.

Now to be honest, I wasn’t sure if there would be a difference between orange and mandarin flavourings, but the taste was really pleasant and refreshing. Orange squash can get a bit dull after a while and so with the added taste of mandarin, it is a lovely citrus flavour. I do tend to get quite bored of drinking the same juice day in day out as I don’t really drink hot drinks such as tea and coffee and so I would definitely purchase this again and be on the lookout for new flavours.


You can purchase the 850ml bottle from most supermarkets for around £2.89 and it is also available in multipacks of ten 200ml ready to drink cartons.


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