Denman Hair Brushes

D100 Tunnel Vent Brush – £5.52

 This is a large tunnel vent hair brush which promotes fast but gentle blow-drying. The hairbrush accelerates the blow-drying process by allowing warm air to circulate directly at root level. It is ideal for detangling and adding volume, and most suited to short to medium length hair, whereas I have quite long hair and I did find it tugged a little on my ends, which I admit are in need of a bit of rescue remedy! I did find that my hair dried more thoroughly whilst using this brush than normal, but I definitely think it is more suited to shorter hair.


D83 Large Paddle Brush – £9.91


This Denman brush is perfect for gently grooming long, thick hair. The ball-ended nylon pins are set into an air-cushioned natural rubber pad to penetrate, smooth and straighten the hair. I must say that I preferred this brush for my hair than the vent brush, as having longer hair, it seemed to glide through easily with no tugging at all.


It has a matt finish handle which is great for controllable grip. I didn’t feel like the brush was damaging my hair which I do experience with some hairbrushes and was really pleased with the sleek effect it gave.


Smell Me Coconut Fragranced Brush £7.52

 The new Smell Me range are fragranced hair brushes in a variety of different scents, but please be warned that the fragrance does not transfer on your hair, it is simply for a lovely added extra. Coconut is one of my absolute favourite smells, and often reminds me of summer and holidays, therefore this was the fragrance I went for. It is the cream rubber part of the brush that smells like coconuts, and I actually found myself sniffing the brush more often than I did brushing my hair. The bristles are very sturdy, which I like because it smoothes my hair better than flimsier bristles. There is also an anti-static rubber pad which helps to minimise frizz and is good for gripping the hair when you are brushing through. This brush performs really well and there was very little breakage of hair with this brush.



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