Pink Parcel

Let’s face it, boys have it so much easier than us girls! Every single month, without fail (hopefully!), we get moody, and emotional and very very sensitive, as well as having stomach cramps, hot flushes and generally feeling like we should be allowed a week off work for duvet days! Pink Parcel makes our monthly visits much more bearable!

You simply visit their website and enter your cycle dates, but don’t worry if you don’t know them exactly as you can also choose a date for when to receive your Pink Parcel. Each month through the letter box you will receive your Pink Parcel and inside there are three separate compartments.


The first compartment comprises of a little drawstring pouch to pop into your handbag or schoolbag with a selection of various tampons or towels for those emergency situations – I can often start my period with no warning whatsoever! You can choose which brand of towels or tampons you would like to receive.


The second compartment comprises of two boxes of your chosen towels or tampons to keep you going throughout the week.


The third compartment is without doubt, my absolute favourite! It is called the ‘For You’ box and the contents change monthly. This month though I received a Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm, a mini Dove deodorant, a Soap and Glory mini conditioner, two sachets of Skinade, which is made into a drink and is great for your skin, especially with period breakouts, a mini bar of organic chocolate and a teapigs chamomile tea! Therefore you can pamper yourself, look after your skin and indulge in some chocolate and tea time!


I honestly think this box is such a wonderful idea, I get really bad stomach cramps when it’s my turn every month and absolutely dread my periods, but this will really make them so much better as I have a parcel to look forward to and things to treat myself with. I also think this is a fabulous idea for younger girls who have not started their periods yet and is a good introduction to periods, rather than looking at it as something scary and life changing.

You can get your very own Pink Parcel for £5.95 plus free post and packaging for the first box and then £9.95 plus free post and packaging thereafter. Some of you may think it is a tad expensive for ‘tampons’ but I think it is so much more than that, and unless they are on offer, I don’t find tampons particularly cheap either to say they are such a necessity!

So don’t forget to visit and make sure you are able to actually look forward to your next monthly visit!


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