Nails Inc Floral – Richmond Gardens

I was recently totally excited to try out the new Nails Inc Floral nail polish range. I have tonnes of different Nails Inc polishes and love the fact that they always have bright colours and beautiful glitters. I placed an order for the polish in the shade Richmond Gardens – all of the Nails Inc polishes are named after landmarks or streets in London – the colours of the glitter were light green, light pink and a light blue, with flower shaped glitter in there also – Very pretty!!


When my polish arrived I couldn’t wait to try it out, so I used my usual OPI Start to Finish base coat and then applied two coats of the polish. After two coats the glitter seemed well spread out, but I did notice that I only got 2 of the flower shaped glitters after painting all ten nails, which I found rather disappointing seen as the nail polish is called Floral. As with most glitter nail polishes, it dried quite quickly, but I decided to try out my new Bourjois Instant Dry Nail Drops too, so within moments my nails were touch-dry. I loved the effect even though there was not a lot of floral going on.

The next morning however, I noticed that the polish had already started to chip off and by lunchtime I was left with hardly anything on my nails. I do not work in a manual labour job, I sit at a desk for the majority of the day and so I felt very let down by the polish as no way should it have chipped so soon. I always try to be honest in my blog reviews and as pretty as the polish looked, I wouldn’t really recommend purchasing this polish as the wear length was ridiculous. The bottle cost £12 and even though this polish wasn’t up to scratch, please do not let that put you off purchasing some of the other colourful polishes that Nails Inc do. Their website is

Love, Kathryn x



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