I discovered Magnifibres a couple of months ago and I must say I am addicted! I have already bought a couple of extra tubes just in case I run out! I have the sort of eyelashes that make my eyes look like a boys’! They are short, thin and very straight, no amount of curling mascara or eyelash curlers help!

My ‘lovely’ lashes before mascara or Magnifibres:


Therefore I used to always wear Eyelure falsh eyelashes in style 101 to ensure I definitely looked more like a girl. But it was such a hassle putting them on every day and if it was windy I didn’t have much luck with them staying on. Magnifibres are tiny white fibres which remind me a little of candy floss.


My lashes with a coat of Magnifibres, pre-second coat of mascara:


You apply a coat of mascara, I used a Lancome one to start with that defines my lashes, and then whilst the mascara is still wet, you brush on the tiny fibres like a normal mascara wand, wait thirty seconds and then cover with a second coat of mascara, I used Yves Saint Laurent Shocking as this is my ultimate favourite thickening mascara.

After the second coat of mascara:


The Magnifibres give the lashes a much thicker appearance and I think since I first used Magnifibres I have only used my false eyelashes less than a handful of times! One product I definitely cannot go without in my make up bag! Each tube tends to last me at least a couple of months and this is using the product daily.


You can purchase Magnifibres from: for £21


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