OMG Shoes

You know that feeling when you walk into any clothing or accessory store and do the little ‘oh em gee them SHOES!’ squeal inside your head? That’s exactly how I felt when we found the OMG shoes store on Etsy.

There’s something about shoes that instantly get girls excited. I don’t know exactly what it is about them, but it’s always the shoes that you curse the day they were designed at 2am when you’re standing bare footed in the street with them in your hand. I KNOW it’s not just me that does that. Classy.

Humongous heels, comfy wedges, pretty sandals, the possibilities are endless, but to get shoes which are handmade and unique often come at a very expensive price. OMG Shoes produce a selection of high heels which are customised by owner Katy’s very own hands. There are quirky alphabet styles, beautiful lace designs and on trend stripes – and they’re absolutely beautiful!


When Katy, who designs and makes the most unique and fun heels you ever did see, offered to send us some to review, the ‘oh em gee, shoes!’ squeal was at its best- which is apt, given the name of the store!

I opted for a pair that would go with everything: the Golden Lace Appliqué Crackle Varnish design.

I particularly loved the soles of these shoes which look so pretty as you walk. The appliqué lace is well crafted to the shoe and adds extra detail to a plain pair of black courts. I almost always wear gold accessories so these will add a lovely touch to a LBD.



Kathryn went for the Black And White Stripe Ribbon Design:

These have a black and white striped three dimensional bow effect on the front which can be paired with any coloured dress to match or contrast.


“The bow at the front of the shoes was a beautiful black and white striped three dimensional bow, and on the soles of the shoes were the most striking and stunning black and white striped design. I must admit this is one of my favourite things about the shoes as I am in love with black and white stripes as I think they look really effective and can be worn with a bright colour for a change – I am currently coveting the Kate Spade black and white stripe watch which would match these perfectly!”



Upon arrival, the shoes were presented in a classic cardboard box with OMG printed down the centre over and over again. Inside the box, the shoes were nestled amongst lots of black shredded tissue paper which kept them safe in the post (goodness knows what happens in them Royal Mail sorting offices- parcels come looking as though they’ve been chewed by a werewolf sometimes!)


Each pair also came with a special personalised message just for us, which was a lovely touch!



The heels are quite high, so may need a but of practice indoors before you venture out but are surprisingly comfortable at the same time!


All the shoes are customised black courts, yet are all hand painted and decorated by Katy. She personally sources all decorations, which are then sewn, stitched and attached by hand. The sole of each shoe is carefully prepared for painting and then colour is applied. Finally an acrylic topcoat is applied to protect the decorative sole. The topcoat she uses also adds traction when walking; although they look very glossy they actually grip the floor well ensuring you don’t fall over whilst strutting your stuff!

I have to say, this girl is incredibly talented! I wouldn’t know where to start creating these beautiful designs!


The sizings are pretty spot on, I’m usually between a 7 and an 8, and often get a 7 in courts as I find they slip off the back of my feet. I ordered a size 7 in these and they didn’t slip off once, making them even comfier and gave me added confidence that I could walk without falling head first onto the pavement.

There are so many different designs to choose from, and Katy makes each one absolutely beautifully. There really is something for everyone!

Kindly, Katy has given us a code to share with you all which gives you a bit of money off, therefore you can buy two pairs!

Just enter OMG20%OFF at the checkout.

The website has recently gone live too, so you can visit and see all the designs better on!

Also, give the Facebook page a like:

The shoes are between £65 and £80 to buy – no more expensive than a pair from Topshop which EVERYONE else has! OMG SHOES are custom made to order, hand painted and lovingly decorated, therefore these heels showcase truly original design that guarantee you will stand out from the crowd!

Hope you love them as much as we do!

Love, Emily x


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