Black Magic Tanning Mousse and Applicator Mit


Black Magic Tanning Mousse 

This self-tanning product comes in a easy push down applicator bottle. The mousse is super lightweight, easy-to-apply and is designed to bronze all skin types. The bespoke formulation incorporates a pharmaceutical blend of Organic Eco-Cert DHA and cosmetic bronzer. The scent is almost like chocolate and lingers on the skin ever so slightly. It disperses easily and also moisturises the skin. It leaves a lovely sheen to the skin and application is quick and easy. The mousse didn’t feel sticky on my skin and with it being a dark colour rather than a transparent formula it was easy for me to see the places I had missed. Within a few hours the tan was developing into a natural gold colour than was not too dark. There were no streaks or patches and the results were quite even. I did ensure that I exfoliated well before application and for those of you who like a darker tan, you can add another layer on the next day. The tan did tend to fade fairly evenly and again I didn’t look like I had a serious skin condition. For the best looking results I did find that it is best to reapply every three days.


Black Magic Applicator Mitt

This soft mitt is designed to stop the tanning solution from staining your hands. Every bottle of the Black Magic Tanning Mousse does come with it’s very own Applicator Mitt. Simply pump the mousse out into the middle of the mitt and apply to the skin in a circular motion to give a very even application. Alternatively it can be used to blend or pat down spray tans.


You can purchase these products and more from and the Tanning Mousse retails at £19 and the Applicator Mitt retails at £7.



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