Back Nodger

Having a massage is possibly one of my most favourite things as I love relaxing and I do tend to tense my shoulders which results in too many knots. But massages aren’t cheap and can often be up to £70 for an hour and I definitely don’t always have that kind of money spare and so when we were recently sent a Back Nodger I couldn’t wait to give it a whirl. The Back Nodger is a great idea for self relief and can be used in between massage treatments to keep your back free from everyday stresses and tensions.


The Back Nodger is easy to use and feels like a thumb pressing deep into the places you cannot reach. Here’s a step by step guide on how to use it:

1: Hold the handle with two hands, one above the other

2: Position the red nodule of the massage head on a knot

3: Relax your shoulders and inhale deep through your nose. Exhale and relax

4: Apply targeted pressure into the knot by pushing the handle away from you

5: Stay relaxed and accept the pressure for one deep breath in and out

6: Move the Back Nodger head to a different spot within the same knot or on to a new knot

7: Repeat the process


The Back Nodger can be used on the neck, shoulder, lower back and hip and I was truly surprised by how much release it gave to my tense muscles. It really is easy to use and I now keep mine behind the sofa so that I can use it whilst I’m watching television or reading a book.


You can purchase the Back Nodger from for £29.99


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