Spring Has Sprung…(Apparently)


This year seems to be zooming past! We hope you all had a good Easter and the Easter bunny was kind to you! We have been missing in action for the past couple of months and we appreciate your patience with us. A lot has happened….I (Kathryn) was in Florida on holiday for 11 days, I then lost my job at the Press Association and so was spending my time looking for a new job, I was lucky enough to get one at a company called Croda and so I have been busy starting here and getting back in to a routine, I also now have a boyfriend and he lives 90 miles away from me and so my weekends are often spent visiting him. Emily has been practising like mad for her driving test as well as having a very busy workload and catching up with her friends and family, taking part in a journalism course but we are now back, and once we have sorted through things we will be adding items again much more regularly than that of recent months. We have plenty of new and exciting products for you to read about so keep your eyes peeled.

Lots of Love

Kathryn & Emily xxx


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