Tanya Burr Lips & Nails

This post may be slightly later than a lot of bloggers but due to high demand, my products which I ordered on the day of launch only arrived yesterday, two weeks later.

It was inevitable that a lot of people would want to try these products out, as Tanya Burr has been a YouTube and blog success for a few years now.

Tanya Burr is a Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger and YouTuber. On her YouTube channel (YouTube.com/TanyaBurr) Tanya delivers makeup tutorials, beauty and style guidance and candid vlogs to hundreds of thousands of viewers each day and over 6 million people a month. She also writes a beauty and lifestyle blog on http://www.tanyaburr.co.uk.

What makes Tanya so popular is how friendly and lovely she is, and unlike a lot of make-up artists, she uses a mix of high street and high end products, making all her looks affordable.
Tanya also has a real connection with her viewers as she chats to them daily on Twitter and loves doing regular meet and greets, as well as sharing her personal life with her fans by featuring her fiancé and fellow Youtuber Jim Chapman, her friends and family in her videos.

At the end of last month, she launched a collection of lip glosses and nail polishes on feelunique.com, which are now also going to be available at Superdrug, which I’m really excited about.

I decided to order one lipgloss and one nail varnish to try out the range before purchasing more.


Each of the products comes embossed with the Tanya Burr heart logo and her signature, and the lipglosses come with a little message from Tanya. Each product also has an individual name that Tanya has come up with, which is a nice touch rather than just a number.


Smile, Dream, Sparkle

I decided to go for quite a neutral pink lipgloss to test out the consistency and stickiness before braving some of the darker shades. To be honest, I’m not a massive lipgloss wearer. I much prefer lipstick, as I find it more moisturising and long lasting, whereas lip glosses can wear off easily and as soon as there’s a gust of wind, your hair’s stuck all over your face.

This lipgloss stays put for a good couple of hours before you need to reapply it, and it’s really moisturising on the lips. Its not massively sticky and the doe-foot applicator is really easy to use too, rather than some lip glosses that come with a brush.

My only negative is that the colour is a lot more neutral than I thought. It’s a very natural colour when I thought it would be more vibrant, but it is perfect for day to day use, with just the right amount of sparkle to it.




Nail Varnish
New York Night

I’ve wanted a really dark, wintery colour like this for a while now, so thought I’d pick this over some of the lighter spring shades, which I’ll probably purchase nearer spring time.

The colour is an extremely dark purple which is almost black in some lights, and looks great with any coloured outfit for day to day use or a night out.

The consistency of the nail varnish is really good, and you can get away with using just the one coat, although I used two just to make the colour a lot richer.

Some nail varnishes are really gloppy and difficult to use, but this goes on really well.

I have a habit of chipping and smudging nail varnish, but this hasn’t chipped yet (although I did peel some off today absent mindedly).



Overall, Tanya Burr’s lips and nails collection is well worth a try, and I can’t wait for them to come to my local Superdrug so I can have a good look at the entire range and try out more shades in both the lipgloss and nail varnish!

The range is available from feelunique.com and Superdrug online. The lip glosses are £6.99 and the nail varnishes are £5.99, which is a really good price for the quality of the product.

Tanya Burr knows what makes a good product, and has certainly delivered!

Emily x


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