Lotil Seriously Good Foot Care Cream

So Friday i lost my job which wasn’t the best start to the weekend I must admit. It was made better by a full body hot stone massage on Saturday though and today I have been in full holiday mode. I managed to figure out which clothes to take, sort out toiletries, plan what I would like to do whilst I’m over there and started my beauty prep. Feet. Not many people have pretty feet its a fact. We paint our toenails and add crystals on to them but at the end of the day theyre still pretty ugly, especially if they are covered in dry skin and blisters! So in preparation for wearing my beautiful new Lauren Conrad for Kohls flip flops, I decided to get my feet in tip top condition by trying out Lotil Seriously Good Foot Care Cream with Aloe Vera extract.


Last night I tried the following which is such a good idea in order to get those tootsies looking and feeling fresh…

1: Slather the rich cream all over your feet and not forgetting your heels

2: Wrap each foot in cling film and pop over a pair of old socks to prevent cream going all over the bed

3: Leave overnight and I’m 99% sure you will be happy with the results 🙂



After a long hot bath I smothered my little tootsies in a generous layer of Lotil Foot Cream, my feet were drinking up the rich, thick and creamy texture making sure they absorbed as much as possible, they were very thirsty with it being this time of year! I then wrapped them in cling film and then put some bedtime socks on. 


In the morning I removed my socks and the cling film to find my parched feet actually feeling and looking alive again. The cream really penetrated deep into my feet and my toes felt incredibly well nourished and they felt amazingly soft and moisturised. This product is very versatile as you can use it for either an intense treatment as I did or frequently, when your skin needs a boost and some hydration. I loved trying the Lotil Foot Cream and I would definitely recommend it to get ready for those sunshine months!

You can purchase Lotil footcream for around £5.49 from all good pharmacies!


Kathryn xx





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