Fragrance Direct Haul

One of my favourite posts to read or watch on YouTube is a good haul, whether it be from a range of fashion and beauty products purchased on a shopping trip, a drugstore haul after a dig through Boots or a haul from a website. Recently we were asked to try out two of the best selling perfumes from Fragrance Direct, and decided to buy a few pieces ourselves from the recent sale and present to you our very own Fragrance Direct haul.

Fragrance Direct, if you were unaware, is a website which sells fragrances and make up products available on the high street with reduced prices of up 70%. Everyone loves a bargain, and it’s well worth checking the website out, particularly if you want a new perfume, as the prices seem to creep up year on year, yet Fragrance Direct always offer a reduced rate for the exact same product!



Emily’s perfume:
Marc Jacobs Daisy

I absolutely love fragrances from the Marc Jacobs range, and have been a constant user of them for a few years now. What first caught my attention was how beautiful the bottles are. I know a lot of people are attracted to a pretty bottle which would look good on the dressing table and these tick all the boxes. Daisy perfumes feature recognisable flowers on the lid, which add gorgeous decoration which you instantly identify as a Marc Jacobs product.

This perfume smells gorgeous, and it’s a real signature scent. I’ve never come across a cheaper brand which smells similar and it’s really distinctive, yet light and floral. It’s perfect for both summer and winter, so will last ages too!



RRP £48. Fragrance Direct price £40.95

Kathryn’s perfume:
Gucci Premiere Eau De Parfum


I love Gucci as a brand, I still remember the day I got my very first Gucci bag at the age of 17, it was from Harrods and I felt so special walking down Bond Street carrying my Harrods-clad bag. I now own multiple bags, purses, shoes, watches, jewellery, phone cases, ipad covers, the lot! But I have never ever owned one of their perfumes. The two perfumes I always go straight to in duty free are Thierry Mugler’s Angel and Alien, and I often love trying the summer editions too, and so I rarely stray away from these two as I have never found anything comparable. I was sent Gucci Premiere by Fragrance Direct and before I even smelt the perfume, I fell in love with the packaging, it has the monogrammed pattern on the box which you then open up to reveal a weighty gold square bottle, with the famous horsebit charm. The bottle really is beautiful and reminds me of vintage perfume bottles and looks stunning on my bedside table. The lid easily pops off to reveal a spray nozzle but is also secure enough to pop in a handbag or suitcase without risk of it leaking everywhere. The fragrance captures the essence of vintage and luxury with it’s rich warm notes. Light floral notes from orange blossoms blend seamlessly with spicy notes from the bergamot and the base notes are a mixture of musk, leather and wood, which are absolutely my favourite scents when thinking of perfume. I find this is the perfect perfume for an evening out but I like this perfume so much that I would probably wear it on a daily basis, although perhaps not for work as it is quite strong, which for me is perfect as I like to be able to smell my perfume throughout the day, but other people close by may find it a little strong. I am so pleased I had the opportunity to try this Gucci fragrance and am excited to try out the others in their range. Gucci Premiere Eau De Parfum 30ml has an RRP of £45, but at Fragrance Direct, you can purchase it for just £35.95.


Kathryn’s Products:

L’Oreal Glam Shine Lip Gloss in Shade 06 (Sand Crystal)

I decided to buy this lip gloss as I used to use it all the time when I was younger and fancied a little meander down memory lane. The shade is Sand Crystal which is a light gold/brown with a beautiful shimmer to it. I love the feel of this gloss on my lips as its really glossy and plumping without being sticky and wand has a really good shaped tip. The RRP of this lip gloss is £7.69 but you can get it from Fragrance Direct for just £2.75.


Mark Hill Sexy Straight Super Straightening Cream

Sorry to keep boring you with holiday talk, but I bought this with my holiday in mind. I don’t generally suffer from frizzy hair unless I am abroad, when my hair turns into a mahoosive puffball. This straightening cream is a great compact size for travelling with and I love the shocking pink packaging! Again, the lid seems very secure so I think it would be fine with regards to spillages and breakages and the smell isn’t anything special in my opinion but once smoothed onto the hair before blowdrying, I was really pleased with the result, my hair was smooth and free from fly aways. This cost just 99p from Fragrance Direct compared to the RRP of £2.50 and there is a wide range of these super sexy Mark Hill products available.


InVogue Pro Formula Nail Lacquer in Guilty Pleasure

I am such a magpie when it comes to anything sparkly and glittery, and that certainly doesn’t change for nail polishes! I thought this rich blue/green pigmented nail polish would be a lovely shade for this time of year without being too bright. When you unscrew the lid, the polish looks opalescent and in the bottle it looks quite a thick polish, but upon application it was very light and sheer which wasn’t really the look I was after unfortunately. The nail polish had a good lasting quality to it though. You can purchase this in a range of shades and textures for £2.25 rather than the RRP of £2.99.


W7 Super Pout in Millie

I wanted a peachy coloured lip gloss to try out and at £1.25 (RRP £2.99) it was a perfect price point to trial. The gloss is a decent size tube with a humongous sponge pad at the end of the application wand and covers in just one swipe. The colour is really pretty and dense without making me look like I’ve had one too many Botox injections.


Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in You Wish

I ordered this as it looked a really pretty colour, which it is, but unfortunately for me, it is far too sheer for me, it doesn’t leave a colour on the lips, just shine. The consistency of the gloss is lovely and light though and I would definitely try purchasing this in a different colour. At 99p though I don’t feel like I have lost out, which is why Fragrance Direct is so useful, as with such low prices you can really experiment with cosmetics. (RRP £3.99).


Maybelline Colour Sensational Popsticks in Pink Sugar

I love the popping pink packaging with this lipstick/balm/gloss. Yes lipstick/balm/gloss – I’m not really sure what it is. It is shaped like a lipstick, looks shiny like a gloss but goes on like a lip balm. There is no colour to this lipthing (?!) when applied but it does look a light shade of pink in the tube. It has the prettiest shimmer and sparkle in it though and I honestly could quite happily bite into it as it looks so delicious! Strange but true! It really moisturises my lips and even though it is transparent, it is definitely one of my favourite products from the haul. RRP is £7.19 but Fragrance Direct smash that down to £1.99.


Maybelline My Mono Eyeshadow in Shades 120, 125, 209, 229, 309, 409, 437

At the time of ordering our Fragrance Direct Haul, Emily had ordered her Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. (Jealous). I came across these Maybelline single eyeshadows and thought I would try and re-create my own nudes palette. I chose seven different but similar shades that I thought would work really well together. I was really impressed when I opened these eyeshadows up, they have a clear lid so you can tell which colour is which, and have a beautiful shimmer, without making you look like a disco ball so they are perfect for daytime, or adding more product for an evening look. At 75p a pop (RRP £4 each), these make a much cheaper alternative to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.


Miss Sporty Fabulous Eyes in Shade 070 Desert Beauty

I wanted an eye colour that I could take away with me that would be ideal for day or night without hauling my large palettes with me, and so I ordered this neutral brown eyeshadow pencil as I thought this would be perfect. It has a wonderful creamy consistency and goes on the lid really smoothly and without creases. Desert Beauty has a really pretty shimmer to it without making me look like I’m from the 1980s (which I guess technically I am as I was born in 1984, but you get my drift). I will definitely be popping this one in my travel bag! 99p is another brilliant price from Fragrance Direct rather than the RRP £2.99.


Emily’s Products:

Schwarzkopf Got2b Volumizing Styling Powder

This powder is a great way to add volume to your roots in a matter of seconds. It’s really simple to use, you just shake a bit onto your palm and rub your hands together then use your fingers to poof your hair with it. The powder then turns into a kind of glue, which holds your hair in position without leaving any sticky rank residue or a powdery texture!

The bottle lasts ages. I first bought this product about a year ago and still have a tiny bit left as I don’t necessarily use it every day, just when I need a little pick me up. The bottle says up to 50 applications, and I think I probably got about that out of mine, plus got myself in a sticky situation with it when I didn’t put the cap on properly in my clutch bag and it leaked everywhere.

The bottle is small enough to pop into your bag too for top ups, and so much easier than carrying around a can of hairspray!




RRP £4.07, Fragrance Direct price £2.99

Astor Colour Vision Eye Palette in 125 Magic Brown

This eye palette features four eye shadows which have golden tones to them – a hot trend for Spring 2014.

Originally, I wanted to try it out as a day time replacement for my Urban Decay Naked Palette, as it’s pricy and I’m finding myself using it every single day.

Obviously, it’s not quite as good as a Naked palette but it definitely does the job.

The colours blend well together and the pigmentation of the shadows is really good for the price. I’ve never heard of the Astor brand but I’ll definitely try other products in the future! It comes with a sponge applicator which I didn’t use, but I’d definitely recommend using Real Techniques brushes to create a polished look.




RRP £3.95. Fragrance Direct price £1.50

Dainty Doll Concealer Pen

I was curious to try these products out as they are by Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud. She has extremely pale skin and often found it difficult to purchase make up light enough for her. I do not have light skin, but wanted to try it to give you readers an honest review in case you wanted to purchase it!

The pen itself is really professional looking, and the applicator is a brush which was easy to use and left a blended finish.

At first, it came out looking dry with a green tint, but after pumping the button on the bottom it came out properly, so on first use, pump more than you think you should!

The consistency is good and left a good coverage to spots and blemishes, however I wouldn’t necessarily use it as an under eye concealer as it has a matte finish, whereas under the eye you need something more illuminating.

I got colour 004 it’s a kind of magic, which was very pale for my complexion but I have used it as a highlighter on my brow bones which works really well when blended in!





RRP £12.50. Fragrance Direct price £1.99 (a huge saving!)

Malibu Bronzing Tanning Oil

This is a bit of a naughty purchase for my holidays, as you should really look after your skin properly with a high SPF, but I love to use an oil on the last couple of days to get a golden glow before I jet back to rainy England.

I do use a suncream underneath too, as it only has an SPF of 2, but I absolutely love the smell of this product. It has a Tropical Coconut fragrance which will always remind you of the warm weather.

The oily consistency is easy to rub in and leaves your skin soft and glowing.

Please do NOT use this product of you are partial to burning though, and always use a suncream underneath it!


Pupa Graphic Lipstick

I’ve wanted a really pink lipstick for a whole now, and couldn’t find the perfect one anywhere so thought I’d give this one a go.

I’ve never heard of this brand but judging by the RRP it’s slightly more high end. The packaging was a bit different which I liked too.

In the stick, the pink looked really pigmented, but when I put it on it had a really silvery shimmer which I hated and it wasn’t as bright as it looked at all! However, the lipstick felt really moisturising on my lips, didn’t dry out and lasted quite a whole which was great (if you liked it, that is!)



RRP £11.95. Fragrance Direct price £2.99

Hope you liked the products and learning a bit more about Fragrance Direct. From now on, I’m definitely checking there before purchasing a product, the amount you save is amazing!

Lots of love,
Emily and Kathryn xxx


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